Life observations

Have you ever asked questions about the functioning of the Universe and human society in the most general sense? I have, and in fact all my life.
I don’t claim to have invented or created anything – I just like to observe. I observe and perceive myself, my inner reactions. I observe the world and especially the people around me and their reactions and interactions – and that’s how this book came about = I write down my observations, my insights. I am in no way claiming some kind of objective truth (if there is such a thing), nor am I claiming that my, let’s say, interpretation is the only possible or even correct one. The only thing I really insist on is my absolute openness, honesty and sincerity…the rest is up to you. Will you go along with me? 😉
And just to add and explain at the same time = I am publishing here the second, expanded and revised edition of this successful book, with the understanding that as the situation (and I with it) evolves, more chapters, new updates – in short, new and new insights – are being created…so it is essentially a living book, constantly refining, improving and expanding 😉 I have started calling it all the PHILOSOPHY OF EVERYDAY.

The new motto could now read like this:
„Maybe a bit pretentious, but I call my philosophizing the philosophy of everyday life. Because I don’t want to deal with being and paradigms…I want to turn every ordinary day into an extraordinary day!“