the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

Hygiene or a dose of real disgusting, yuck and sorry

Women make themselves up and perfume themselves because they’re otherwise ugly and smelly! So much for folk wisdom.
To be clear – it’s the hypocrisy that bothers me and the manipulative subterfuge I’m pointing out. I have no problem agreeing and sort of accepting the fact that we are just animals. Animals don’t wash at all and fuck, do they! Dogs sniff each other’s asses and are happy! I mean, I’ve never heard a guy say, „Dude, her pussy stank, but what can I do?“ In short, we accept women for who they are, with all that, and we’re actually kind of grateful for their existence and presence. We just don’t need to keep changing them, modifying them, improving them. I’ve heard women say many times (fortunately about others, but the question is what they said about me when I wasn’t there, right?), that’s a stinking unwashed and unshaven, cattle! They keep making a thousand demands that they just don’t play at being more than they are = we’re just the same, end of story!
And that women know very well what we are talking about, that it is not ignorance = notice how they behave when they go to the gynecologist – how they keep washing their cunts to make them smell (they wipe them with wet wipes before entering the office!), but as soon as it’s a man, they don’t care!
I’ve even heard of a case where the doctor looks on and can’t help responding, „Well, you’re getting laid today!“ And it wasn’t until she got home that the lady discovered that as she was rushing to get there on time and still washing up at the last minute, she had wiped herself on her daughter’s towel, which had glitter hidden in it! 😀
Their hypocrisy is most evident in their relationship with the dogs versus us. From the dogs, they can have their face licked and they don’t even rub it and they are such smelly dudes, aren’t they?!. Dogs don’t stink at all, do they? What the fuck is going on here?!? I even saw with my own eyes how
a lady let a dog fuck her leg (all the way) saying: „He deserves to have a bit of fun too!“ And we are pigs and we don’t deserve the same????
It’s probably a joke, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was originally true – the woman is said to say to the man, „Are you going to eat the soup or should I add meat to it and give it to the dog?“ They care more about the dogs than the men, disrespect them, humiliate them, treat them with disrespect and then are surprised when they get the same back. They refuse sex, or if they give in, their lack of interest is so obvious that even the primitive guy at the gym can see it, and they’re surprised and offended that they’re cheating on them again! And while I’m on the subject of the gym – a sentence that sums up much of what I’ve already written and which I’ve actually heard with my own ears, „When I walk into the communal changing room at the gym, the smell of testosterone does wonders for me!“ And I’ll just add that this was not spoken by a hobo puppet from the train station, but by a real classy lady!
And about the hygiene (and I’m done with the grossness, I promise = I just thought that if I’m open and honest, this can’t be left out…) – I’ve seen a lady running around all day at an event with her kids and then in the evening, without a shower, we fucked… So let’s give her credit for not letting me lick her! Or another girlfriend got into the same panties in the morning and because she forgot her toothbrush, she went home with her teeth unbrushed! By the way, that’s also why I prefer to fuck at home, because otherwise I’m packing for a week in the mountains! Or yet another friend says (but at a moment when it was very stupid to back out), „Honey, are you going to fulfill your dare today? My stopwatch is ending, but it’s not completely over yet…“ Well…I tried to backpedal with the words anyway: „Well, we don’t have to…“ And the reaction?
„I like it that way, I’m much more sensitive, is that okay?“ Yeah – you’d say it minds = bullshit, dude!
What about the line, „When my husband fucks me,
I think of you?!?! Or again, another friend first criticized her ex by saying: „All he ever did was come over and fuck me.“ And just a few minutes later, a rebuke of me followed: „You don’t even come and fuck me!“ And then you figure it out, dude!!!
I am talking about hypocrisy and a fundamental change in the role of women. You know, there was a time when women really didn’t have it easy. It really worked in some social classes that somewhere in between she gave birth and then went on to work in the fields…(compare with today’s fashion, where fathers are dragged like culprits to give birth! Yeah, I’ve been there too, and yes, it’s bullshit – I would have loved my son without that humiliating experience, and the only thing
I was valid for was the near oxygen shock as my wife and
I breathed like morons until I nearly passed out from over-exertion!) In those days the saying was that a woman covers everything with a skirt… Today the world has become terribly feminized, see for example the occasional puzzlement over the form of writing this book = it’s just a man’s world. Countless men have confirmed this to me when they read it – it’s straight up (no exaggeration) rapturous ovations! It’s just that this world of men is kind of taboo anymore – see, for example, the sadly beautiful „dude, I’ve never seen a book like this before!“ reaction. I remember how the other day, in the depths of totalitarianism, we shrieked when Bolek said „shit“ on TV = and here we go again! Everything is being beeped, deleted, cancelled – just so that the outlocal cunts, queers and trans people don’t shit themselves!!!
The intercepted call sums it up beautifully. The guy behind the wheel: „God, that’s a bitch, I’d forbid them to drive!“ The woman retorts, „Then build your own roads and drive like cattle yourselves!“ – „Ma’am, who built these roads? Don’t you want to build your own and drive like cows there?!?“