the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!


The harsh truth about "packing" girls or let's start from the beginning

I’ll give it to you straight without hesitation or circumlocution = guys are not the ones who actually „hit on“ women! The truth is, unfortunately, that women only allow men to experience the feeling of the hunt and especially his victory in it (because he loses his guard and is easier to manipulate – that’s why women like to remember „our first meeting“ so much!). Of course, the one who chooses is not a man, but a woman! The woman therefore allows the chosen male individual to be „picked up“ by her! The woman is always in control and we, like morons, naively play their games, even without realizing it in the vast majority of cases!!! (I will discuss the topic of female gaming more in a separate chapter…)
Don’t you believe? Instead of embarrassing persuasion, I’d rather give you an example from life. For the sake of maximum correctness, I borrow the idea from one of Dr. Hausmann’s books – on the one hand, I dare to recommend his works to you highly, and on the other hand, why bother with something that I couldn’t think of better myself and that fits exactly into this passage of my writing, no? So fuck it…
So then – let’s use the most hackneyed situation = you’re in a bar or at a „disco“ or whatever the shit is called these days and you like some chick, bone, slut (formerly just a shrew). You’re thinking about how to approach her…well, let’s face it, between us guys, we’re thinking more about how to fuck her – are any of us really thinking about living together, visiting relatives or buying diapers? Is there really one? Poor…
So, you’re thinking, dude, offering her a drink is really lame, I have to be more original than these dumbasses – I’m in a different league. Okay, so you go to her and invite her for a short, not very challenging, but all the more romantic walk to a nearby lookout, where you want to show her (when the stars come out) „Cassiopeia and Orion“, because that’s all you know anyway! Yeah, and actually the Evening Star, because you know it’s the same Venus we call Morning Star – you’re so good, dude!!! And the result? Shit! She’ll reject you.
And your fault? It’s that you learn from it, that you have to be more original next time, that you just fucked up and all that crap. Shit! You just weren’t allowed to pick her up, you know?! Just realize for once, if she chose you, if she wanted you (more on the reasons for that later), she doesn’t give a fuck what you come up with, you know! In short, if she wants to, she’ll go on that stupid hike with you, but she’ll still go on that drink!!! And if she doesn’t want to, you can shit yourself and you’ll be out of luck – is that clear?!?
If one proof is not enough for you, I will add one more, smaller, from my experience. If you’ve ever experienced or, better to say, noticed how it looks like when a girl you don’t care about tries to hook up with you = suddenly all the „coincidences“ start happening around you – you keep meeting somewhere, she keeps needing you, her friends keep asking you about her, etc. and so on – it’s probably obvious now, isn’t it? Well, that’s why!
So what real lesson can we take away from this example? Keep trying and fuck the shyness and fear of rejection – you’d be surprised how many times it works!
And one last note (for now) on that much, especially teenage, dreaded rejection = often it’s just a test of your perseverance and most importantly she can then brag to her friends about how you fought for her and how you seduced her – just let her burst with envy. In fact, you could see so clearly on your snout how you were drooling all over her that she just wanted to have a good time, or as the hen says to herself when the rooster chases her around the yard = I better make two more turns so he doesn’t think I’m a whore! But if that indecisive cow isn’t worth it to you, screw her – go where it’s easier or move on, but only if YOU want to. In short, we have to get the fuck out of the way someday!!! Trust me, the determined one has exactly the same thing as the undecided one, only she’s not as stupid 😉