the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

What do women choose men by or what is charisma?

Slightly beside the point at first, but it’s clear to me that this is (or will be) the most common objection = you’re over-generalizing and lumping everyone together. Yes, I’m going for substance and character traits. Sure there are exceptions to everything, but as the word implies, these are marginalia having no bearing on the big picture, or shut up motherfuckers.
Besides – again, against my original intention and belief (as you can see, I can stand my ground :D), I have been sending out the first final versions of each chapter continuously to a few of my most loyal fans and fangirls, or this book is actually being tested on people! And in all seriousness I can state that most women fully (to my amazement) agree with what is written, but „she is different“. Another typical feature, then, is that if you happen to want to give it to a woman to read or tell her about it, count on the fact that almost everyone will tell you that bitches like that do exist, but she’s definitely not like that (thus proving that that’s exactly what she is). Feel free to try it out! Yep, and speaking of exceptions, that’s exactly the kind of exception I’m looking for. So far in vain… when I find it, I’ll let you know… I’m afraid I’ll find Bigfoot first, at least there are traces of him in the snow…
Well, then – women are tradeswomen. They are constantly competing with each other, so if you can either manage to be a truly valuable and desirable commodity or at least fake it and create that impression, that’s all you have to worry about, because that’s the key to getting high value in the dating market. Just as men want an experienced virgin, women want a Casanova all to themselves. Don’t you believe it? Let me give you a real-life example to prove it. I admit that my entry into the dating market was at an ideal time, when the merchandise is already oversold and unhappy and lonely ladies are lurking around every corner. However, this is best summed up by an incident when I had a (I stress only very slightly) intimate moment with a friend (married, by the way) on my short break. At the moment I am a bus driver for a living and as the classic says, it makes a fucking difference if you watch porn in HD or on public transport (MHD), right?! 😀 Suddenly there was a very angry and aggressive banging on the window right next to our heads. Yes, it was another friend who had come to visit me, quite unexpectedly and especially uncharacteristically and even for the very first time, because she had seen me heading there by bus. Well, dude! I don’t have to tell you that I almost shit myself! Total shock!
But the real shock was yet to come. I’d honestly expected to get my ass kicked by both of them. Well, I’m sorry! Surprisingly enough, after that angry one left, the initial shock wore off and the situation generally calmed down, that first friend was, and I quote, quite happy: „She’s the one who was in“!!! Get it?!?! But most importantly – within an hour or so, my phone started ringing and it was her other friend on it. Sure, I didn’t answer it – I really didn’t care for the emotional outpouring about what a dick I am. But alas – when she realized that I wasn’t going to pick up the phone, it started getting texts saying (no, I’m not kidding) that she was very sorry, that she realized that she had neglected me and that my behavior was completely appropriate and understandable!!! I must have read it several times, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The writing ended with a big tearful plea if we could see each other tonight! Feel free to eventually unfriend me, but I’m really not a moron to say no…sorry…
And the answer to the question in the chapter title? Women choose men based on what they call charisma and even think of it as such because they themselves don’t understand that it’s when a man comes across as a natural authority figure, can use appropriate humor (in their eyes) and has accomplished something in life – so he’s somebody and not a loser. I mean, yes, unacknowledged and mostly misunderstood (but maybe I’m just a dreamer and a naif and still idealize women after all) it’s simply about money, status and power, so necessary to provide for eventual offspring, even at an age when it remains as a residue of the original biological program and physiologically can no longer occur. And then also so she can brag to her friends = look who I slapped, you cunts!!!
And again, in an attempt to be as correct as possible – young geese are a separate category. In their immaturity and especially naivety, the muscles, overall body proportions stand terribly and unnecessarily high – just typical macho. But the basic software is already prepared for the young pippies. It’s all about expression or attitude or „what for“ attitude. That’s why they’re so often surprised when they pick up a sweaty asshole from the gym who has trouble signing that he only has her to fuck afterwards, and instead of being at least a little interested in her and generally sort of seeing her as a living being, not just a walking vagina, he spends all his time lifting weights. A selfish man is a selfish man and a jerk is a jerk.
So women really are hustlers. They choose by resources = money, car, apartment, house, status, etc. That’s also why they are never completely satisfied, because there is always some asshole around who has more than you and she immediately gets the impression that she made a bad choice, that she can afford more (it’s not at all clear that the billionaire would have the slightest interest in her, it’s not an issue – you are just the asshole at that moment and the one who is to blame for the fact that she made a bad choice and is now unhappy!!! You must not agree to this underhanded and especially swine game, do you understand?!).
Guys, the last woman who meant well by you was your mother! Although even that’s kind of moot, because I don’t know about you, but I’ve never used a „mill wheel“ in my life! We’ve already said above that women compete with each other all the time = my mom was simply trying to show that the neighbor’s Popeye is an asshole because he can’t do what she already taught you for crap! All the other women in a row behind you have you just to be a walking wallet, a cuddler and you’re always thinking about her and putting candles around the bathtub and all that crap. It’s just that women have this idea, really, that’s how they were brought up, that they’re princesses, that they’re gonna live in a greenhouse, that we’re gonna take care of them. And they’re also used to that when they whine (because their dads spoiled them – so yeah, it’s really our fault) it’s just a classic escape into sickness…they just get a headache and you’re going to give them pills. And they mock us for having a cold, but they’re always in pain, always whining about something – as if they know how hard we work…they know how to spend it, yeah, they’re not in pain, and we’re keeping our mouths shut just to get laid, if only they knew!
And as an afterthought, to discuss the topic in depth – charisma is also related to feeling safe. But what is it? Well, it’s just that you’re going to look like a jerk and jump around like a slave! Or a feeling of security – wonder what that is? Well, it means that you won’t go around to other women, that she’ll have you on a leash, and that she won’t experience the one thing that (unfortunately) keeps her in some kind of try, and that is a feeling of insecurity, of some kind of threat, and therefore of having to do something, to try. So the feeling of insecurity eventually leads to a loss of admiration, charisma and therefore a functional relationship. Oh, and they’re also looking for a chat partner, which in practice means that over time they won’t let you speak and you’ll have to listen to nonsensical bullshit and stories about stupid female friends, their bastards and their dogs!