the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

The intricacies of communication or shut up and nothing will happen to you!

I won’t take you through the hardships of everyday life – firstly, it would be boring and secondly, you won’t find much guidance anyway, you just have to improvise. I’ll give you a more general advice and a reminder – don’t expect anything more from me on this. You know, I’m focused on feeling, intuition, impression (well, I just cryed the cartoon „Finding Nemo“, for example! And if you laugh, you’re a moron)…and it’s not only my experience that „if something is weird, it’s probably weird“. It’s just that when you feel bad about it, trust me, that’s the beginning of the end and you can try to fix it for 30 years like I did…but you’ll probably have to figure it out on your own anyway…
I’ve already touched on the second idea above, so now I’m going full force. The thing that prolongs the period of quality relationship functioning is (unfortunately) „holding on to the tension“. Because once they feel like they have us secure, they stop trying. I don’t know if it’s possible to hold on in a relationship like that, though, and it must be admitted that we behave similarly, too, often fighting to the point of losing what we’re losing. They use this ploy on us knowingly, though, so our use of the same ploy is self-defense. But I’m just putting this all out there for each of us to consider how we can handle. It’s definitely a workable method, but probably not for everyone.
Likewise, I’m not going to dissect whether to marry or not. I somehow understand it less and less as I get older. I recognize that at least in this, I’m talking life bitterness, but I used to sort of understand that marriage was good for the children and possibly property together… I really don’t understand it anymore. The kids don’t give a fuck! They just need a loving mom and dad. And the same input property is never really. One always makes money on the wedding (usually the woman) and the other loses, that’s why they do pre-wedding contracts nowadays too. Plus everything just gets more complicated when you break up (just without a wedding you can pack her a suitcase and send her to the undertaker, if he’s cooked, let him eat it up, asshole – see Kolya). But again – I don’t advise, it’s up to you. In conclusion, maybe a confirmation of the truth of the old and winged saying that a woman marries a man and hopes that he will change and he is still the same. A man marries a woman and would never dream that he is someone completely different right after the wedding day!
I want to deal with the intricacies of everyday life in a perspective where I feel at home, which is communication. So one of the saddest truths to accept is this = realize you can’t fake it with a woman! For one thing, they are walking lie detectors, but more importantly, by the way they lie to us all the time (okay, so they edit and distort facts under the influence of emotion – don’t shit yourself too!), they know how to do it. They are just professionals and we are amateurs! And again, as a supporting argument from life. Think about how arguments with offspring run in families. Daughters posture, argue, persuade, manipulate, and mothers listen, counter-argue, etc. – just (hopefully) subconsciously training them to exchange views in order to advance their own interests. And the boys? They are overwhelmingly silenced by the natural superiority of mothers backed by appeals to their pseudo-authority = you will listen because I said so, etc. That’s why the addendum in the chapter title, just shut up and nothing will happen to you and text the girl instead – firstly you have time to think things over in peace and then you also reduce the chances of falling for some of their tricks, manipulations and backstabbing. Trust me, please…
By the way, the average guy doesn’t really care what a woman says, so don’t feel guilty about it or anything. I admit that I’m an exception, I really like to talk (hence the reincarnated lesbian) – well, okay, there are probably more of us, but women kind of subconsciously expect that from everyone = just me blabbering and you listening to me and mostly agreeing with me and not objecting!
And as for emotional instability, which we not only don’t understand but more importantly don’t reckon with at all… notice with what vehemence women assert anything and the next day are able to assert, but with the same vehemence, the opposite of that. Most of the time the guy suspects it’s bullshit, but for peace of mind he’d rather comply. He has two choices, either he’s right or peace! Just don’t give a shit what a woman blabs! She doesn’t really know what she’s talking about! The worst part is that they say it quite convincingly (I even think they believe it at the time – they just have a completely different brain). In short, at the time they think they would like it, but then when they experience it they are surprised that they don’t actually like it! Think of Dustin Hoffmann’s Tootsie. When he was dressed up as a woman and talking to a beautiful friend who was talking to him the way pussies normally talk to each other, she confided in him something to the effect of how she longed for a man to finally take it out on her without any awkward theatrics, in a fair, open way – that he liked her, that he didn’t want to play her and blablabla… He remembered it exactly and then at the subsequent party, where he was already a man (that is, on his own), he quoted it to her exactly – and the result? She threw a drink in his face!!!
Only a guy can drool over such talk that „every word you say is amazing to me“ etc. and really feel that way at that moment. It’s nice for them, of course, but they take it for granted! And most importantly, they don’t know this, because all they have to do is walk out in front of the house and a ton of dicks will be courting them anyway and telling them the same bullshit! And the fact that we mean it sincerely and the cocksuckers are just there to pick them up, they don’t know the difference, they don’t have the differentiation. Yeah, the change is when they’re really into the guy, but that’s in a completely different time period and it doesn’t come across at all. It just doesn’t coincide! Unfortunately…
And now the promised fouls in the argument. There are of course many, but the crux of the matter is actually always two aspects = manipulation and hypocrisy. So, for example, if a guy starts talking even a hint of negativity, the woman’s immediate defensive reaction is = you’re blaming! Just „blaming“ is classic manipulation! I wish I always realized this in time and found the courage to react like this = Well, I reproach! Well, listen to this. You must know what you’re doing wrong! How else would you know?!? Similarly, they immediately go into a hidden counterattack = If I’m doing everything wrong. And the asshole reacts like this = Not everything. Well, he’s already where she wants him, he starts praising her – shit, he should react = so if you think you’re doing everything wrong, you’re stupid! So go fuck yourself – and you have to feel that way internally and be prepared for him to do it. Once you know you’re not going to do it, by all means don’t do it, but be warned, he’s already got you in his grasp and trust me, it’s going to turn out stupid anyway. Eventually (or maybe already – otherwise she wouldn’t act like this) she’ll stop appreciating you!
How about asking manipulative questions that are stupid to answer truthfully = you would never do that, would you! Aww…
Another typically consistent trait of selfish and inconsiderate women is how they talk about ex-partners all the time, and that includes intimacies and dislikes!. He liked harder sex. Once he shoved it so far down my throat I threw up, etc. I always have the urge to say something like – well, the wife used to suck my cock… I don’t know how they would react, because I have neither the courage nor the stomach for it, but most of all I find it ungentlemanly…
A similarly senselessly manipulative approach is the = you should have said or if you wanted to (used especially, but not only, in the area of sex)! This is something I absolutely hate and apparently they have it in their mandatory equipment. It takes away their responsibility = you wanted it, you wished it, you decided it, so what do you want from me?! I am deeply offended when someone does something for me because I want it and it was not their idea and voluntary decision! I can see the hidden desire to have a macho home. It’s a kind of pseudo-doll attitude of a poor woman who can then brag about how she is abused at home = slap yourself on the back and you do what you want. Indeed, I have even heard the challenge that I can wake her up if I want to or tell her just lie! Ugh, to me this is on the level of rape (which I don’t really understand at all = I don’t understand how they could use it as a kind of tool to enslave a nation during the war, for example!), by the way, I wouldn’t have anything!