the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

Oh the games, or man, be angry!

Hypocrisy is the essence of women’s games. Well, according to the original meaning of the word, someone with their face covered. It’s like having a face covered with a mask that looks different than it feels and masks, hides what it really wants. Isn’t that an accurate representation of their actions? Don’t fuck up and just agree! 😀
I find it really very sad, but the moment I had those seven parallel relationships (which started at pretty much the same time) I realized that they had basically the same progression. I’ll elaborate more later in the chapter on how to get rid of a woman, but for now I just want to say that I’m obviously touching on some kind of the essence of how relationships work or how at least two non-identical individuals coexist. I don’t even want to find out how it works with same-sex people, let alone try, but in layman’s terms and theoretically I guess that it’s basically the same, because the roles can’t be changed anyway – in short, he (or she) is „playing“ daddy and the other (or one) is „playing“ mommy, so logically they have to argue the same way, right?! 😉 Only with the difference that the sentence „kiss my ass“ can have a completely different, even directly conciliatory, meaning! 😀
For that gaming, the ladies even have an apologetic and supposedly explanatory label = they mean well. I don’t want to get too philosophical here, as that fits better in my previous book, but ponder briefly on the phrase = they mean well by us. I don’t want to discount the very first notion that it means well, because even that could often be successfully questioned, but it certainly means well, but what’s it to us? And even if I grant that they mean well, what methods do they use to make us feel good? Axing, blaming, threatening, denying sex, manipulating = does that really fulfill the meaning of the word well?! So do they really do think, mean it and mean well?!! Or is it the other way around, as in the overheard conversation = Why should I change him, I’ve already tamed this one quite a bit.
The most common masks they like to slap on their face (besides a ton of makeup, which again covers their ugliness) are these = provocateur or iron. The provocateur is actually most of the time when she’s fucking with you and doesn’t take anything seriously until you get really pissed off and she finally realizes that she’s humiliating you and that she’s overreacting, and then she switches into iron mode and tries to iron everything out. And then we, like morons, feel how great she is and we forgive her and do everything, and it’s just a game again and at the end it’s just asshole again, how she beat us and everything is repeated to the blink of an eye!
You know, I really don’t understand! It’s just, if I want to fuck, I want to fuck; if someone’s pissing me off, someone’s pissing me off, but to say that someone’s pissing me off just as a provocation to get them more interested in me…these theatres…I don’t understand it, but they’re actresses through and through! For example, if she doesn’t want to fuck, she’ll deliberately piss you off and you’ll stop wanting sex etc.! Isn’t that hypocrisy?! No for us, means no! They may believe what they say (as I explained in the previous chapter), but they don’t understand what they say and God forbid they get what they say they want!
A typical example of manipulation is gifts. Notice how women give gifts that are decorative but essentially serve to demarcate territory. By that I mean, she gives you, I don’t know, like a candle, which if you keep on display (woe if you don’t!), then it’s clear to everyone else that there’s another one that came here. Yeah, I guess because I’m obviously a perfectionist, I’ve created several variations of decorations over time, depending on which one is supposed to come and which one gave me what, pervert – I know…but the shit thing is, none of them would dream of doing this, so I’m enjoying at least one, meaningless, victory 😉
Or even in this the eternal competitiveness of women – how a mistress „like“ forgets things in your car. In reality, it’s just so the wife can find them! What the bitches don’t understand is that it turns against them. That your pussy will make such a scene that you’ll have no choice but to be a coward and tell your mistress to go fuck herself.
You want an example from my life? All right, good for you! You know, I have a bit of a strange mother… Well, if it’s true that children choose their parents, then I’m just an asshole 😀 Or if the reincarnation thing is true, then I must have been a real bitch in my past life (yeah, probably even more than I am now :P)! Anyway, my mother absolutely hates (among other things) when my phone beeps even once while I’m visiting her. That’s a question for you! I understand that I’m not old enough to be afraid of my own mother and I also understand that it probably looks like that, but I (like almost every guy) like my peace of mind and besides, I’ve tried everything I could think of, everything I’ve ever read somewhere and everything I’ve ever been advised and still everything has to be according to my mother and still everything is still, but totally, wrong. So I always warn my harem in advance that when I’m at my mom’s I just don’t respond, let alone answer my phone. And what do you think? Yes, almost most pippies even consider this an opportunity to test their worth and call when I’m at her place! A few have even tried to play offended afterwards…ah well… So, when she’s stupid, she turns this against her too.
By the way, slightly on the side of the topic – even the effort to be thin (nowadays so less and less visible) proves how they are subject to trends, how they don’t have their own opinion on anything, they just live in a herd. Does that seem a bit over the top to you? Did you know, for example, that when multiple women are together for a long time, their periods get out of sync? Yeah, right! I mean, it’s not that long ago that being fat was evidence of wellbeing to the contrary! I’ve experienced this herdiness, for example, in the intimate area. I don’t feel that old, but I lived through a time when it was perfectly normal to have armpit hair and a hairy pussy. Notice how all of a sudden in a relatively short period of time virtually all or almost all women started shaving their pubic hair and armpits, are they really not watching each other, are they not overdoing it? But the funny thing is that they themselves have quite a mess about it = one of them wants me to be shaved, the other not shaved (I’m talking about the face now, down below they don’t really care – if you have the courage, feel free to ask them about it – you’ll see that I’m not lying again!). So one doesn’t have to have a bush right under one’s armpit, but that’s evolving awfully fast and they don’t keep up, they just wait to see what the herd and the she top boss have to say!
And an example from my life and female gaming? For example, I also experienced a grandmother trying to set me up with her daughter. Since I’d never experienced that in my life and it felt kind of oldfashion, I thought, why not?! She would come over, bring me coffee, snacks, she was nice. So, out of curiosity, I agreed to meet her. My daughter was educated, kind, and actually pleasant, except that she didn’t even suggest to call with first names on the second meeting! Apparently they were both oldfashion. The funny thing was the turn around when I stopped speaking and responding. Not only ended the coffees, snacks and I don’t know what else, but the grandmother started looking so mean and hateful that she even stopped responding to my greeting! And the climax was, I don’t even remember in what context she replied or reacted something along the lines of = well since you dismissed us like that. Like, what?!?
And finally, a few more disparate pearls related to the topic of this chapter. Like gypsy women who like to argue, get slapped and even take a guy’s non-aggressiveness as his lack of interest in them! Not that Czech women want that either, but it is a fact that deep down and unacknowledged, the nice, non-argumentative guy is actually evil to them. Unfortunately…
Or what about the expressed wishes right after sex? Isn’t that the „what for“? Whores are more honest!!! They tell you what they’re going to do to you and for how much…and then she’s happy to be rid of you – no need to invite her to dinner, text her how amazing she was, or worry about what she’s going to be like or if she’s going to be anything at all, etc. Because that gallantry and gentlemanliness of ours means an excuse and justification for not showing gratitude and not having to pay too. Hey, it worked out for Mary when she told Joseph that the bastard had a holy spirit and it ended up being Jesus and it worked out because they were Jews, right, but that shouldn’t happen again, don’t you think!