the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

Write = everything to my wife Filomena!

Yes, by the time I finish writing this, everything will obviously be different! I mean, I really didn’t expect such a quick turnaround! I know the mills of God…and free karma, but this?! Well, listen for yourself…
A little from the end – everything I started to describe here is as of today (well, now that I’m writing these words) about a year and a half. And during that first year that my wife and I haven’t seen each other, strange things have happened… I’m writing this to emphasize how important intuition is, because the average guy thinks it’s either an additive to his food or a subsidiary offshoot of a company! You, because you’re not an asshole – otherwise you wouldn’t have read this book and gotten this far, you probably have a clue… Of course, I daresay you’ve also fallen for that 100x repeated lie that intuition is the domain of women = bullshit, crap! We just don’t listen to it much and roll everything with intellect – a mistake, a big mistake!
Very soon (I would guess not even two months later) my wife started to get some strange feedback – she asked about Junior (he is firm in his opinions and still refuses to communicate with her; he has my admiration even though it is clear to me that I will never explain to the female population that it is his decision and his alone and I did not influence him in any way, I just did not hinder him in any way – but that is common in breakups… ), she asked about the cat (she couldn’t take it away – even though it was hers, because she had forced it on me against my will and my son’s will = apparently Mr. Hunter doesn’t like cats – that’s common too, isn’t it? Hence my deduction…), once she even brought him canned food…in short, I got the impression that she wasn’t very lucky, but I immediately (foolishly) rationalized it = calm down, dude, you want to hear that it was a mistake and that you’re the best in the world, you’re a loser!!!
But apparently (what a surprise, right? :D) my intuition was right again and a little more than six months later, a text message came asking if she could talk to me! Well, why not, I’m not a poser, I don’t make the hits! I’ll skip the details (unnecessary for our chat) – he just dumped her, in short the relationship is over! He’s letting me know so I don’t get it twisted and misrepresented = I see, I wouldn’t have thought of that! 😀
You know, in a way the guy pissed me off, I guess that’s understandable – among other things because he played the mystery man like a castle in the Carpathians = I couldn’t possibly know where my wife was moving to, what the chosen one’s name was, what he was doing, etc., he just handled it in a really manly, fair and fully responsible way! 😀 I guess he was afraid he would get his ass kicked, but he really would! But he got my respect = imagine if he cashed in all those expensive gifts! Yeah, like the car she had to borrow to pay for it! Power, huh?! Hats off! I wouldn’t have the balls for that…
And again, for maximum correctness = I’m sure I’m bullshitting you now, because she definitely dumped him – who would enjoy living with a rich guy, right?! Nota bene, if she has nowhere to go back to! (she doesn’t have a permanent home with me anymore – the hunter arranged that for her too) Anyone would do that! She’s not on the money, is she?! It’s all about luck! 😉
And if you’re expecting her to come crying and begging like I’ve heard so many times when I’ve talked to someone about it by the way, no way, big shit! That’s so much a man’s idea, that’s how a man would react. Not so women! She’ll never admit her mistake! She did the best she could with her luck! And it just didn’t work out. She went back to Cologne and even had the courage to ask if she could go back to her original job! Her boss got a kiss from me, because of course she said no. In short, maybe I’m overanxious and really over-sensitive, but I’d be walking through the sewers, but that’s obviously my problem – that’s why I’m still shit too…
So victory!!! It’s just a bit of a problem that she’s coming back bare-assed and who’s going to pay for her adventure, ha? Me, of course I do! I know no court will care, but just between you and me = I got the flat (owned by the city) from my dad at the time, where she moved in with me (I vacated half a closet and one drawer = that’s all she had, today it’s almost identically reversed :D) and when they sold it for personal ownership, I signed it over to both of them in a gentlemanly manner.. (I borrowed on it though) and when we sold it and bought the house – logically (strange concept, isn’t it? :D) half the house is hers = well, and she wants to cash that in, so either add that to the mortgage (which only I pay all the time – but again = who cares, right? ) take out another loan or sell me (and my son) the roof over my head and make us (junior may have to return home because of the fucking virus) homeless, great! Sure, she’s sorry, but what can a poor girl do, right? 😀 Hey, am I the asshole or what???