the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

The curse of the everyday or work or run

We’re slowly coming to the end, because I have quite a pleasant feeling that I’ve written everything essential. After all, I’m not going to give up and the few notes I had prepared kind of fit the mundane life of a relationship…so even though I hate to, I’ll lightly touch on that area eventually. Oh, and then we have two more pre-planned chapters to go and it could be a slam dunk 🙂 But the reaction from you, the readers, has been really incredible and at times incomprehensibly enthusiastic for me! I’m really, really grateful for all the feedback and it makes me realise that I’ve obviously really hit the nail on the head – even though I originally wrote everything just for myself…we’ve come a long way together, haven’t we? 😉 And so, after the last chapter, there will be a few more answers to frequently occurring questions – in short, we’ll see how much more needs to be written…
And while I’m bragging about my writing = no, I’m not exaggerating – there has been only one, yes ONE, negative reaction so far!!! An unknown lady wrote to me saying that I was a moron 😀 I replied with gusto that I had words of great disappointment for her, but that I was totally uninterested in what she thought of anything or anyone – nota bene her opinion of me! 😀 And I thanked her for confirming that I was right, because if anything I wrote was a lie, she would have immediately thrown it in my face, but since she only resorted to vile insults of my person, there is obviously nothing to actually argue with = in short, maybe I am an asshole, so what? It doesn’t affect the truthfulness of what is written in the slightest 😀 And judging by the quality of the response – this book is exactly about her, simply for the truth one gets angry! 😀 And by the way, if I’m an asshole, then I’m not actually a poor person and wouldn’t it be appropriate to sympathize with the afflicted? 😉
So then my ultimate life wisdom for relationships is this = just don’t change!!! I mean, don’t change for a woman! Make progress yourself, yeah – otherwise you’ll stagnate and be an old man in your twenties, because only an asshole knows everything exactly and so doesn’t research and has no need to defend and improve (adulterate) his opinions! After all, even the dumbass with the dumbbells doesn’t lift the same load over and over, but tries to improve!!! But I digress…
As an explanation and a hint of argumentation, I will use my father’s narrative, overheard several times and slightly modified for our purposes (among other things, proof that my writing is valid across generations). Imagine a situation = a group of young people. One boy is particularly nice and funny – he captures the attention of the local girls, who are having a bit of a secret competition with each other to see who can slap him. The one who „wins“ is happy for a while. But then the same group gets together again and he’s still just as funny, drawing attention to himself with his wit, by playing guitar and singing, etc. Only the situation is different now – he’s no longer there on his own, he’s there with the winner who in her mind „owns“ him – well, as she was previously delighted by his behaviour, she’s now thoroughly pissed off and somehow suddenly finds it embarrassing and pathetic! So she can think of nothing better to do than to shout him down, humiliate him, embarrass him later in private (and since then in public). Well, because almost every guy likes his peace, eventually, when the group gets together, the young man stops being funny, he doesn’t even play the guitar anymore – he just becomes a boring patron – just to keep him quiet and make the cow happy…But alas – that’s not the end of the story. Eventually a new guy comes into the party = funny, naturally the centre of attention, plays guitar, sings…and the cunt reacts like what?! Yes, she makes a scene again, telling the poor guy that he’s a loser and to take a cue from the new handsome guy…and yes, eventually – you can guess who she’ll spread her legs for, right? 😉
So I don’t want to repeat too much of what has already been written, but do you see how strong the evidence is? Once you submit to what a woman is babbling – not because YOU want to, but de facto out of fear of her, then you’ll find that she doesn’t actually want what she’s saying and it will turn against YOU! So stay yourself! Yes, it may happen that she will eventually tell you to fuck off, but in that case, is such an idiot worth it? But from my experience I can say with all seriousness that this option is almost unlikely – paradoxically if you stay personal and your own, her admiration for you will increase = crazy? Yes, it is – I know…
And one more small confirmation of what I said. I would never have really allowed myself to do that before – to anyone, really, let alone a woman, but the other day a friend and I had a slight incident…and I decided to do a little experiment = I responded with words: „You know what? Fuck you!“ In my mind, I took that as a clear end to our friendship. Imagine that within less than an hour she was texting me via Facebook that I had grown up in their eyes, that I had acted like a man, etc. I mean…
In short, every relationship goes stale at some point, yeah – even yours…unfortunately…and if you both don’t work on it (at least with similar intensity), then it’s time to run away… I’m actually internally pretty sorry, but I don’t have any other experience and I don’t even see anything else around me…and I don’t even have any other functional advice, sorry…Because even a bull doesn’t climb on the same cow twice… he just can’t do it anymore, he’s not interested… And so we also have to control ourselves forever = first we have to control ourselves that they don’t want to fuck and they keep postponing and prolonging it… and then they want to fuck boringly all the same and we are not allowed to go elsewhere for diversion. Who’s suffering in the relationship and who’s it all about, huh?!?
I don’t want to rip myself off, or rather my videos that rip off other people’s thoughts 😀 But on www.youtube.com/povidkar you can find several videos about partner relationships (don’t worry, I speak politely there ;-)). I describe, among other things, the typical mentality of men and women. Men are like suspenders = when you tighten them, they cramp and lose elasticity over time. If you give them a moment’s freedom, they immediately jump. Women, on the other hand, are like waves and this is something that we as men should first understand, then accept and, above all, always reckon with!
I didn’t want to go into it originally, it seemed too intimate, but I’ve written about so many nasty things here, that the period seems like a harmless tale now, doesn’t it?! 😀 Because realize that you basically have four completely differently minded and, most importantly, feeling women at home within a month! I don’t want to rip off one of the great „colleagues“, but you can find her work and videos on your own. She describes it like this:
AGED, ORACLE – menstrual or reflective phase, 1st to 6th day of cycle
VIRGO – dynamic phase, 7th to 13th day of cycle
MOTHER – ovulatory or expressive phase, 14th to 20th day of cycle
WITCH – creative phase, 21st to 28th day of the cycle.
We can’t imagine this. We’re kind of always the same. We don’t give a shit what we give a shit about. We enjoy what we enjoy and maybe we also get turned on by what turns us on, almost unchanged until death, actually. But since it’s four women, you piss her off once with the same thing, make her laugh a second time with the same thing and turn her on a third time with the same thing = it’s just crazy, you don’t get it! In practice, it also means that one week she wants you (I emphasize NEARLLY) to rape her and she wants a quickie; the second week she wants to cuddle for hours and orgasm is not important to her; the third week she finds you disgusting and thinks you’re a pervert and the biggest cattle, etc. And most importantly = over and over again!!! And unfortunately, yes, with the end of the period, i.e. in menopause and beyond, these waves don’t stop – at most they get less, the fluctuations get smaller, but the hormonal changes are going on all the time…And I see one more problem in long-term cohabitation. Women supposedly „long for harmony and peace and happiness“ and yet they have no idea what they are talking about – we are the ones longing for it! Within a short while they start dumping their problems, their female friends‘ problems on you and you experience everything but peace! And nobody cares that you have worries! It’s just total bullshit that you pull two wagons together and that it’s better in two (unless it bends :D) = on the contrary, you pull two wagons – yours, where your problems are constantly increasing and her one, which is loaded with nonsense, pseudo-problems and accepted problems of others!!! An argument that I am not lying is this little test = try to let one woman’s behaviour be judged by another woman. You will probably hear something to the effect that the other one is a bitch, that she is abusing you, manipulating you, that you can’t be that stupid, etc. The fact that she does the same thing and when you ask another woman about her behavior you hear the same thing doesn’t address that = how can someone not see their mouth or spew shit like that?