the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

The glitz and gloom of dating sites

You know, this information may seem strange to you, but my general approach to life is that I try to reasonably experience de facto everything and in doing so I observe my inner feelings and make my own opinion, my own conclusion. And as I wrote above, I have come to realize that I am not comfortable with the life of a fucker. I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done or experienced and I’m really glad for those experiences. I’m just kind of sad about them…honestly it didn’t bring anything that I expected or wanted to somehow keep and develop. So I’ve started to feel (slightly so far) the need to have a soulmate that I can trust at least in basic things and with whom I can share my life = just starting to win over the romantic and incorrigible idealist in me, well… shit my bare back!
Anyway, since I don’t resist challenges or „offers“ that life brings – on the contrary, I like to go on adventures – in short, my „philosophy“ is flow, i.e., to go with the flow of life, of course, to steer according to my own way, but not to paddle against the current (anyway, you’ll just get tired, you won’t achieve anything, and looking from the shore you’ll find that you’re actually just standing still) and observe everything calmly. I decided to try Internet dating sites for myself. Are you laughing again?! You’re such an asshole! 😀 So do you want to hear what I experienced or not?!? Well, that’s why!
I’ll start from the end and as briefly as possible = yes, it’s a dead end for the desperate! I’ll try to explain why now, but if you’ve read all the previous chapters carefully, you may already know the answer…
First, just a brief introduction = I did a more detailed research at the very beginning, which dating sites are visited, what ratings they have – pluses, minuses, etc. Generally, if something is free, then it doesn’t work = so if you’re on a free account and a gorgeous chick approaches you, you can count on it being fake! On the other side of the „wire“ is either a horny faggot or an Indian seller! 😀 😀 Yeah, I said I’ll try almost anything, so this = it was fun to see what beauties started approaching me and how they follow the same sales muster apparently = praise, possibly information about being horny and then a tale about it, that she has a blocked credit card or likes to invest in gold 😀 I really don’t understand that someone can make a living like that, but apparently there is a too high percentage of desperate people in the population, definitely higher than I am willing to admit…
So I ended up paying for the two most visited dating sites (for people my age), one of which is really extremely expensive, but which lets you fill out a pretty sophisticated questionnaire beforehand, communicates with you personally and recommends babes really according to your criteria. Still, the above applies = waste of time, money, self-esteem 😉 The last one I dare to say didn’t work for me, after all I took it mostly as a kind of a test and a basis for writing…but I honestly admit that those weren’t the only motivations – there was also curiosity and a bit of naive desire to find someone „normal“ – yeah, asshole, well…
Another part of that rule is that the more expensive the service, the more realistic the outcome = meaning the uglier, fatter and dumber the bitches. You realize that there’s always guys around a beauty, so why would she go on a dating site?! So then – as you can probably guess, you have my full confidence that you are not an asshole, otherwise you wouldn’t have bitten through almost to the end 😉 The main and immediately primary problem of dating sites lies in the general principle of dating between men and women. Guys just need a photo to tell if they are interested. But this is where women fail horribly. They don’t understand at all, except for the professional women, but they are prepared by the guys how to take a picture and how to look. I couldn’t imagine how a huge number of women don’t even feel the need to post their photos (I guess they know why or are they really still playing coy? Does anyone after the age of 15 care?) = are they seriously counting on me to fall for the bullshit they pretend to be?!? Sadly, I guess so, and the reason is again obvious = they choose us that way! Because the more romantic shit you put in your description, the better chance you have! Horror!!!
You can’t even imagine how many women can’t edit a photo so that it’s not rotated; how many of them choose the most stupid face for their profile picture, for example in a hat or ski helmet = asexual disgust! You wouldn’t believe how many photos I’ve seen with dogs and other vermin, how many with bastards – as if it wasn’t obvious that she’s been fucked before and that I’ll have to put up with cuckoos eventually; how many photos were at the seaside and other exotic places = is she bragging (that a rich guy ran away from her) or does she want you to drag her there and pay for it?!? etc.
In my (rather unnamed) dating site, you post a lot of information about yourself (if you want to, of course). One question, for example, is whether you want children. Imagine if every other hen checked the option that she „wants“ harants and yet she is over 50?! Perhaps the way to explain it is that she doesn’t understand the question – she thinks you’re asking her if she’s okay with kids…either way, she just can’t even fill out the questionnaire – she’s just stupid!!! 😀 And speaking of questionnaires, or answers – almost all comrades have variations of „wandering in nature“ on there = so strictly speaking they are uninterested in anything! Hey, can these sluts do anything else but tramp???
Back to the selection and now through the eyes of a woman = I already mentioned that a woman is attracted by the smell, then the colour of the voice, the overall figure, the laughter…do you see why dating sites are nonsense?!? And honestly = guys might be shy or looking for a secret side chick, but can you imagine a normal healthy self-confident caring woman looking for a guy on a dating site?
And to make my experience complete – besides the usual „likes“, you can also send a smile here, as an expression of interest, which can be reciprocated by the other person and thus (at least theoretically) facilitate the initial contact… This can be followed by an attempt to impress by writing a funny and, most importantly, original message – which they are obviously waiting for = and as you know, many guys have a problem with that 😀 so they write „hi, how are you?“ 😀 So really and in all seriousness = it’s a dead end! So I’ve sent a few women a smile, liked their writing = in short been observant, thoughtful etc and? Yeah, and nothing! Those bitches don’t even go there regularly! Or they’re too lazy to reply or (I’d hardly dislike them, right? :D) they get tons of messages like that every day, they’re just quenching their minds and that’s it!
They even liked my profile sometimes – yeah, they were all total hydras! Yeah, it dented my dignity a bit, I admit = really, based on the photo and bio, I’m in their league! But I take some solace in the fact that it’s not about me – these losers would appeal to Brad Pitt = they just take everything! I filled out my „bio“ honestly and truthfully, including my Ph.D., teaching and therapy experience, etc. and was approached by a cleaning lady 300km away = like really???
But mostly, I realized that the same rules apply on dating sites as when dating a cocky goose. You can’t impress them except with long talk and de facto persuasion = they expect you to jump around, sing odes, be funny and they expect nothing! And they want equality!!! So just a waste of money, a waste of time – not this!
And one last slightly offtopic comment. Women are curious, and they’ll tell anyone and everything. Just in case you happen to get into a longer and more intimate writing-chat. What I mean, of course, is that when they send us nude photos, we treat them like a sacrament. We never show them to anyone, they’re ours and we cherish them. If you took a picture of a dick and sent it to her, know two things. First of all, they make a big deal about it, but they knock on it to see it, but more importantly = then they show it to all your friends and you’ll be the butt of incessant jokes, count on it! So watch out! 😉