the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

Omnia vincit amor!

So we are almost at the end. So I’ve spilled my guts and you’ve got to deal with it! 😀
Yeah, I feel better – I made it. It’s been a long journey from reliving and depressing, to telling and chickening out, to getting talked down to and testing what others have to say…The final paragraph was almost the first thing I had written and I’d already gotten to it. So I had no idea how big the response would be from these „farts“ of mine and that I would continue writing for a while after finishing the planned final chapter, but I guess that’s how life goes…
One of the reactions I got was particularly nice = „this should be required reading for teens!“ Okay, so once they finish reading „I already know why“, look to recommend (what – straight up command) them this 😀 And personally, I’ll add that maybe it would be good for more than just teens 😉 But it’s up to you, yeah I’m talking directly to you reading these lines now – you know, as I didn’t plan any release and everything came about spontaneously, I’m not planning any advertising etc. – just let the personal recommendation take care of everything…or let it die and go down in history 😉 And yet one more note – for clarification, perhaps a premature defense against possible invectives from critics and envious people = whether you like it or not, the form of this book still falls under the term „beautiful literature“! Yeah, feel free to call it trashy literature, intellectual porn, the writings of a reprobate – I don’t care. All I’m saying is that this is in no way a sociological-psychological survey or, heaven forbid, a study! I approached the writing with the utmost openness, honesty and professional erudition, yes – but it is still „only“ fiction…in the same category as Kája Mařík and Honzik’s journey 😉 And the full conclusion? In short – these mixed marriages…if I’m just not attracted to Dushan or Rishsha and their annals tough luck…I don’t want to be so fucked up!
Then why do most of us get stupid like this? Is it even worth it for us? Because that’s not the question at all. It’s about whether we can help ourselves at all! I think the answer is obvious – we can’t! Mother Nature (by the way – a woman again!!! :D) made it so, or even wanted us to reproduce and thrive! Whatever the hardships of our life, love triumphs over everything, and for her sake we are willing and able to endure it! And so we have no choice but to throw ourselves into losing battles again and again, repeating basically the same game, the same software – so that the desired hardware will be the result…
Omnia vincit amor!