the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

Questions and Answers - Part 1

I feel like the book was written in one sitting, how much jokes and emotion is there or am I wrong?
I’ll leave out the constant thanking – I’m really grateful, but I understand that to the unbiased observer it might come across as awkward bragging… I’ve tried to make the book feel light, written from a perspective and distance, and readable in one sitting. Still, from the first notes to the final proofreading, almost two years passed, in fact. The first gradual publishing was on Wattpad, where it was deleted 😀 The Speechy app, which acts as a de facto recorder with a fairly accurate record of the spoken word, ensured a considerable speed up in converting my thoughts into written text.

Does it have a philosophy?
My „philosophy“ is careful, precise observation, sensing, perceiving, memorizing with an almost eidetic memory + subsequent concise, apt, accurate writing and even with a bit of wit and highlighting the general lesson = I may be slightly brilliant at that, everything else is ballast…

Do women even have any plus points?!
For God’s sake – I’m not a misogynist! I admire and love women! I’m just trying to point out their (often fake) games, tricks and most importantly hypocrisy. Have I not provided enough narcissistic evidence?!? Could I have had such „success“ with women if I were the macho asshole? On the contrary – I treat them nicely, with understanding, appreciation and tenderness – hence the numbers!
What I consider to be a huge plus is their femininity, that’s what we are attracted to, that’s what we are programmed for. If they learn to use their emotionality correctly, they have a huge advantage over us. Besides, it’s clearly proven beyond any doubt that women have higher IQs on average than men – I just personally think they kind of suck 😀 And they also last a lot longer = why they probably live longer, eh? Think about it! We guys are the fragile creatures that fart and die soon – we’re the ones that need to be taken care of!
In my eyes, it’s downright disgusting when women try to act manly – not only can’t they do it, it’s embarrassing. The beauty is in the femininity, i.e. that they can’t actually do, invent or innovate anything – but they have a great gift to bring new life into the world! But that’s kind of humiliating in these fucked up times!!! That’s why they are always proving something and always shitting on things they don’t have and don’t want to admit it! A normal guy wouldn’t even think of entering an embroidery competition – we don’t know how to do it, we don’t have the cells for it (in this case fine motor skills) Women shit in politics, running companies, decision making etc. and yet they are totally asexual = see a woman in a truck and eventually in a bus… Dude, really, when I see Merkel I masturbate to death and squirt like a plum dumpling!

What about the indispensability of women?
Look, I really don’t want to be mean, but in all fairness = what is the undeniable contribution of women to a relationship, to a household, besides having children? Well, apart from 266,000 flowers, bow ties and bells – ZERO!!! Sorry, but have you ever laughed with a woman until your cheeks hurt like a bunch of friends? Have you ever philosophized with a woman like you did with a college classmate? Can you count on a woman to not let you down and to sell the roof over your head just to get you out of trouble?
It’s twice the money and half the fun with a woman! I don’t want to talk about my life anymore, and kicking a dead horse seems pathetic, but I’ll make one last comment. As I replayed those thirty years with Philomena (unintentionally) in my head, I realised that she basically ruined everything nice = Spain was fine, but she pissed me off there, Bulgaria (including the plane) would have been quite enjoyable for my son and I, but again, she was there, and I could go on and on…For example, on a hike (see my first book) a woman walks half as far, carries half as much, but increases the contents of her backpack 2.5x. She grumbles about everything = crappy hiking, crappy sleeping, your buddies are a bunch of assholes, etc – like it’s all for her. The pros and successes are „obviously“ because of her and the cons and failures are because of you – you do realize I’m actually talking about our tramp through life, right?

So why do women make themselves beautiful, isn’t it because of us?
No, it’s not! It bothers them, but their competitiveness wins out again = they just want to be prettier than the other bitch! And an addendum to these questions = as for the whole having and caring for children thing – I’m beginning to wonder if that’s a bit of my idealism too… In real life, many an idiot puts the bastards in daycare and builds a career. But we don’t want a drinking buddy who burps and farts better than us! They forget that this is their role, but meant in a positive way, i.e. as a preference-uniqueness = we can’t bear children, but they take it almost as a disgrace (at least to write it like that), ugh and shame!
I know it doesn’t look like it by this book, but I am in a way a product of women’s wishes = I mean, I fulfilled what they wanted and always followed what they SAID they wanted. And you can see for yourself how I turned out! That’s why I write so openly and finally in a manly way…
So for example = I took it to mean that women don’t want me to stare at their tits – okay, so I don’t stare there. And they are often concerned that I don’t „notice“ them!!! So strictly speaking = they want us to look at their tits so they can get offended and upset about it, get it?! This is absolutely insane!!! For example, no one told me either that when you start a conversation with swearing, they actually play coy and virtuously pretend to be like pissed off, but when they’re like a little closer to you, then on the contrary, when you don’t go into swearing, they feel like you’re weird and they’re not attracted to you, etc. Magorias!!!