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Questions and Answers - Part 2

You didn’t write anything about the female orgasm
It would be nice to agree once and for all that sex is not the pursuit of a woman’s orgasm! I feel like the world has gone crazy on this one too! It used to be forbidden to talk about it at all, and nowadays women compete in it or something… Not to mention that there is a big difference in the perception of men and women in this too. Women take their own orgasm as they gave us the maximum and we have a commitment; we take it as we gave her the maximum and we should be off her! Oh, and a word of advice, if you want a woman to scream for a week after sex, rub your dick in her curtain! 😀 The perfect sentence to sum up the whole problem is, „Hey, you had as much time as I did!“ 😀

What about jealousy and forcing fidelity?
Yeah, it’s actually directly related to that, unfortunately… Honestly, if she was fucking like a wild animal and was really good at it, you wouldn’t even think about it, but she keeps her legs together and just fucks = and we, like assholes, agree to the game, we can’t say = hey, either sex is on my terms and as often as I want or on your terms, but then don’t interfere! How naive and utopian…

You left out their driving skills.
I know, it’s an unnecessarily easy target. You see, due to circumstances etc., I’ve been making a living as a public transport bus driver for the last three years (I’ve only taken up therapy as a hobby and so I don’t go out of practice, but making a living out of it just isn’t an option) and given that I drive a minimum of 100km a day six days a week all the time in a small town, I’ve seen and seen a lot…
In short, within five seconds of observing the behavior of the „car“, it is clear that either a moron or a woman is sitting there. They have the idea that slow driving is safe – that they piss off the whole neighborhood and then it crashes unnecessarily, they don’t see it anymore… They have absolutely no spatial orientation or estimation of distances and sizes (which is useful sometimes, isn’t it? 😉 15cm is a very relative term :D). But most importantly = they absolutely can’t anticipate a situation or react adequately, they’re just totally not calm and in the present = obviously dealing with shit and not paying attention to traffic.
It also sucks how many show blondes drive around in souped up SUVs! I often find myself making comments – you certainly earned that yourself, didn’t you? How many times do you have a mouthful of it, actually, teeth, right? 😀
But in their defence – and really briefly, because I did a video on this subject too. They don’t have the „cells“ to drive, because you can’t escape the historical legacy in this either, and when you consider that men were always riding something, but women weren’t allowed to, and it wasn’t until much later that they could ride, but with their legs together, i.e. sideways = in short, they didn’t develop the ability to react at speeds higher than walking, spatial perception of something that, although they control, is bigger than themselves, etc. – Hence the problems with reversing etc. By the way, even public transport is now run by women! I’ll leave aside the fact that they strike me as hermaphrodite and that I definitely wouldn’t want to fuck them, but in a depot I can unmistakably tell at a glance who parked the bus in the space, they just don’t have the guts = I’m not putting them down, just stating a fact…

How do you bypass the polygraph?
I know, I touched on that lightly and obviously you were intrigued…okay = the key is that you have to believe it yourself, then it’s not evaluated as a lie 😉 I recommend saying at least something in every sentence that is demonstrably true – clamp your emotion on that, but that’s probably higher game isn’t it?
By the way – yes we lie…but think about this argument = we lie to avoid saying what we don’t want to say and what makes us angry and mostly because we know what scenes will then follow – or who is to blame? If they didn’t ask, we wouldn’t lie, there wouldn’t be conflict and do you feel that they would somehow be diminished or harmed?

What about their relationship to money and property?
That’s right, I only described that in a peripheral and sort of subliminal way. Notice that most women feel that a guy has a money printer hidden somewhere = they don’t care if I have the money or not, they just NEED it!!! And besides, another typical trait is that no matter how much you have and how much you make – it’s always „not even on“…The general attitude of the critic and the approver is also strange, they just don’t think of anything, they don’t suggest anything, but they want the guy to be active so she can CRITICISE!!! I don’t get it, so if I’m not able to think of anything, I submit and I’m happy and shut up! Beautiful statement that fits not only this = the critic writes as he would if he could do it himself. 😉
Personally, my reaction to a similar situation was to stop designing because I’m not comfortable with perpetual criticism and evaluation = NOTHING happened and it WAS WRONG!!! Get it? There is simply NO variation where it’s right and where the woman is happy and not crying!!! Think about it!
In short – women are ensuring our greater performance by eternal nagging, remorse and also playing on weakness etc.!!! Just a rule of thumb = if a guy promises to do it, he does it and there is no need to keep reminding him every year! 😉
Since the essay on property has been brought to perfection by Dr. Hausmann, already recommended by me once and also because there are already complaints that this book is coming to an end – with kind permission I will publish below that perfect essay with the recommendation = if you want, continue reading his books! 😉 Thus:

Why women have no respect for property
„Yesterday I demolished my left fender while backing into the garage,“ my wife tells her friend. „When I tell my husband, he’ll freak out again“…
He’ll freak out, she won’t, she doesn’t care. Only a man sees a wrecked car as a source of repairmen, spare parts and money. The wife doesn’t. Nothing will change in her life. She’s not going to be running around looking for repairmen or using the classifieds to get weekend jobs to earn the money to pay for them. For her life in the household-neighbor-office triangle is untouchable; money for food, laundry detergent, and rent must always come together. She has no respect for other values, she does not see the gallons of sweat, worry and sacrifice that constitute money for everything that goes beyond this triangle. A few thousand is enough for her household, which she receives partly from her husband, partly earned during her eight-hour working hours. She doesn’t want to hear about making half a million, she doesn’t care, she’ll never do it anyway, which is why she’ll easily call the person who went through this hell a fool who yells at her for a stupid crashed car. If she came up and said, „I caused such and such damage and I’m going to do such and such to fix it,“ the guy wouldn’t scream. The guy is yelling because he knows he’s going to have to go around and deal with it all himself, and she’s going to make a face a la, „You have to sacrifice something for you to have me.“ The worst thing is when a woman thinks this and shows it to a woman who the guy doesn’t care about anymore and lives with her basically out of inertia and with unjustified moral obligations towards her. Women don’t understand the stress of a man’s entrepreneurial and income generating efforts. They don’t appreciate them because they have never tried it, nor would they be able to try it, nor would they have the motivation to try it because they haven’t needed it and never will. They subconsciously (and unfortunately rightly) feel that there will always be someone who will do it for them or to them. And if by chance they don’t, they’ll easily convert to a more mundane way of life. They stop paying for their children’s music and language school, stop planning ski trips for them, opt themselves out of sports and hobby clubs, and move on towards primitivism.
In my time in high school, I have noticed that (exceptions aside) female students do not have as responsible an attitude towards their studies as male students. It’s as if they already know at their age (and girls in Prague at seventeen usually do) that some jerk will always take care of them, that they’ll never hit rock bottom, while boys are beginning to realize this danger. Boys know that after they leave home, if they don’t make money, fail an audition, get an apartment, or get kicked out of a job or university, they’ll take it out on themselves and drink it all down. There will never be anyone in their lives they can hang their hat on, who will hold them up in a crisis and who they can blame for their plight. Therefore, they subconsciously approach their studies with more responsibility.
Let’s not be fooled by the fact that boys are always a bit „above it“. A statement I heard on a tram recently says it all: „I got fired from my job, I don’t have an apartment, so I guess I’ll get married.“

And finally, a quote worth remembering and thinking about:
„Your icy calm! I’m trying to piss you off and instead I’m getting more and more pissed off!!!“