the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

For amateri.com

Another continuation of this „blog-book“ was on this basically erotic web-site… I know, it may look strange at first sight and it probably is strange, but it has its logical explanation. Given the unexpected success and, without exaggeration, the mass distribution on the net, I was wondering how and where to publish the book.
The approached publishers didn’t even respond to the submitted manuscript – no wonder, it’s unpublishable due to the state of today’s society… So I was looking for some blogs where I could publish everything and then continue – the way other topics pop up as a reaction to what I’ve written and the realization after finishing writing new perspectives, etc. – only oops = all the ones I found have „no profanity“ in their terms – well, since I don’t use shit for a shitbag, I had the choice of either self-censoring, but then the original spirit of the writing would be lost, as well as the point of it; or using the only blog site I found where they don’t mind…
The funny thing was that there were unexpected problems = for example, right at the beginning I wanted to put some photos on my profile, not wanting to appear anonymous when I pride myself on the contrary on my open, genuine and above all truthful approach. Several photos, in fact all but one, have been deleted on the grounds that they are not erotic enough!!! 😀 No, I’m not kidding! It’s actually an erotic portal and so ironically I didn’t fit in because of too much decency = say, isn’t the world actually fun! 😉
I sort of describe the writing process in the sections below and onwards. But the main problem was that some of the chapters were obviously too much even for an erotic portal = at least two of them were deleted – but that gave a shit about the overall idea of the writing, because the continuity was lost 🙁 By the way, I am personally convinced that the problem was not the content, but much more about the opinions again = strangely enough, both chapters contained humorous remarks about homosexuality – so I am convinced that I know what the admin’s orientation is! 😀
Anyway, it wasn’t until I got there that I realised that the only viable route was to have my own website with my own rules – and you know the rest…

So here is the sequel to the book originally written for amateri.com
And maybe the last chapter written directly for this primary website and as a reaction to the experiences (not only) under my articles…
Ladies often wondered about the form of writing (by the way – how superficial and elementary)… I will not respond to personal invectives, because they are more indicative of the writer than of me… I have reached the age when I finally don’t have to prove anything to anyone, not even to myself + my inner world is so rich and somehow more important than the outside world that I don’t depend on other people’s reactions = or if someone praises me, it makes me feel better, of course, but I take it with a grain of salt, and if someone scolds me, I don’t cry into my pillow = I don’t give him/her that much pleasure, because I already know that my value is stable and not dependent on other people’s evaluation. In the end, the same rule applies all the time = whatever you do, about a third of the people will be excited, a third will be pissed off and a third will give a fuck = choose where you want to belong 😉 I just can’t help but remember that the truth makes you angry, because if I know it’s bullshit, I don’t get excited, I just smile at what an asshole he is… But I’ll be happy to comment on the form.
The gist of it is actually terribly simple = I don’t write in a feminine way. The world has gone mad! Until relatively recently, there was a feminine style of conversation (including books – the so-called red library) and a masculine style (we can safely refer to it as, say, the black library). But nowadays one has to speak only in a „feminine“ way – it is almost forbidden to speak in a masculine way! But who has determined that this circumventing of the truth, wrapping words in tinsel, etc. is better than the straightforward unscrupulous? See, for example, asking for a hand when it’s about a vagina; inviting someone for coffee when it’s about a fuckafe; or offering a walk or a trip instead of the actual planned intercourse? Personally, it seems to me like walking into a bakery and asking for a carnation because saying a roll would be too sexist and vulgar!
Of course, I am not an asocial and I have submitted to the dictates of the times and as I write, I do not speak in real life – only occasionally and in male dissent 😉 By the way, ladies – don’t play it off on me, I know very well that you often speak even worse among yourselves than we men do – you just hypocritically don’t admit it! Sure – you’re the exception, I know – you’re a straight virtue yourself and instead of shit, you say „oh no“ – that’s why you’re on the amateurs by surprise, by mistake and by complete accident, because here you expect a deep analysis of the difference in the ideas of Plato and Socrates (by the way – write, I’ll be happy to give you hour-long lectures on this topic : P) and you take pictures of your cunt unknowingly = sure, not to everyone, only to those who ask! But honestly and a concrete example that any sane hetero will confirm = of course I will compliment you on your beautiful eyes etc., but what I’m really interested in is whether you have a shaved cunt, how big and how coloured your areolae and nipples are…and if you blabber on a bit longer, I start to wonder if you suck and swallow at all…sorry, the truth is just cruel sometimes – but I prefer the cruel truth to a merciful lie! Of course, be careful = don’t mistake the truth for an opinion, idea or version!
The very positive thing about publishing the book as a blog on Amateur was that, with a bit of hubris, I finally found my target audience. And then, most importantly, the feedback. I sent the book to well under a hundred friends, mates and girlfriends as I wrote it – I’ve mentioned their reactions and my surprise at their positivity. It was mainly due to the fact that they knew me personally, and often since they were very young, so they understood very well the exaggeration, irony, sarcasm – just humour + depth of the text at the same time. I know that the book then (no exaggeration) went around the Internet, but there wasn’t much feedback there – that’s why I appreciate so much what took place here. I wasn’t at all surprised by the sometimes almost hateful response from the parties of the very pippins in question, which is what the book is actually about = just a shaken goose will always speak up. I found out that for the sake of truth one gets angry and out of fear one does not attack the facts and the content, but the person of the author… I was a bit surprised that besides a few jerks from the gyms, who didn’t understand that I was joking (after all, I work out regularly myself, just not in a sweaty and stinky gym), that a few pseudo-alpha-males also spoke up, who so obviously consider me a competitor, that it amused me = thank you all for stroking and boosting my ego – in real life it is a bit bruised, even though I work hard at it – see the book as a clear proof! 😉 Otherwise, a short addendum = feedback is not insulting etc. and the question that amused me the most = why do you write it then? 😀 I’m probably going to shock a few local intellectuals, but I’m writing this to be read, certainly not to be deleted, misunderstood, commented on in the spirit of suggesting the unwritten or even spiteful…
If you want me to keep writing – ask. A question (at least for me) always triggers the need to elaborate on the topic – in depth and ideally from many aspects and perspectives… But otherwise, frankly, I don’t have the slightest problem to stop writing and just be here… I really don’t cling to my writing…
I wish you all the best and especially peaceful days and quality-regular sex,
Your Ondra V.