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A friendship with benefits or a love relationship without benefits?

Thank you all for your support (expressed mostly in private messages – obviously to avoid the local hate squad = I don’t blame and understand and you’d wonder who all wrote to me = all the more gratifying). From your reactions, as promised, I’m only composing these as something like glosses and I think that will be enough – frankly I’m also tired of the mountain of swearing, insults, humiliation, ridicule = in short, when a fool makes a fool of me, it seems like a waste of time = see folk wisdom = don’t argue with a fool, because within five minutes it’s not clear who’s who 😉 And if the haters have gotten this far in their reading (which I highly doubt), know that I’m only describing my observations and views on the matter – I make no claim to generalizations or even admiration… but it is clear to me that you know much better who I am, why I am here, what I actually wrote and what I wanted to achieve, don’t you? 😉 Once there is an institute for the interpretation of my thoughts, you already have a pass there (for those even more stupid = that was hyperbole, irony – master google will eventually advise, explain)! After all, everything is contained in my texts = this is, for example, the „third of the pissed off“… only the problem is that usually one third of this group is so loud that they shout and then silence everyone else…
And now that sentence from the headline = Friendship with benefits or love relationship without benefits? That’s bullshit, isn’t it? Ladies don’t realize (and this is the kinder option) that the difference between friendship and relationship is SEX! And it is by denying it (or depriving it in a poor-quality-or-good-quality-or-frequency way) that they legitimize a man’s need to go somewhere else – because another harsh truth is that we don’t need love for sex, or at least not as much as women do! The rule of thumb is that women need to fall in love in order to have the need for sex – but men need sex in order to fall in love = that’s where I see the buried dog… What else but an expression of supreme selfishness and hypocrisy is the attitude = I don’t enjoy sex, I don’t need it, and I don’t really know how to do it properly (to put it in a more rounded way, of course) and you have to respect me in that, but alas, if you go elsewhere to satisfy your needs! And where is the respect for a man?!? So a guy is going to spend money on the luxurious life of his useless counterpart and masturbate like a teenager? And it’s not like it’s humiliation, is it?!!! Not for nothing again folk wisdom says that a man needs a full stomach and an empty bag, otherwise happiness in cohabitation is simply not possible…
I see it, from experience, like this = a man, if he loves a woman, would do anything for her. A woman, if she loves a man, will allow him to do everything for her and if she really loves him deeply, she will allow him to do whatever it takes for her…it seems like a very sad epiphany to me… And also, again only in my opinion, it explains if friendship between man and woman is possible = yes, it is – she just hasn’t given to him and he is still waiting in foolish hope (and she is still taking advantage of it in the worst case)… Or is there another possible interpretation = friendship between man and woman? You mean the kind of chatter about nothing, no sex, etc.? But yes, there is – it’s just technically called marriage! 😉
And for the whiners and hurtful people who supposedly couldn’t comment on my posts = I have no one ignored and I am determined (of course, I don’t know if I can fully stand it = I try to remind myself that those who get pissed off have already lost) that I will not report even grossly offensive statements… You know, I am convinced that at least on this site you have somehow confused the blog and the discussion forum. Quite frankly (and feel free to rage stand on your head) – I am very interested in feedback, but of course from people I know and respect – so their opinion is credible, erudite, insider, etc. to me. And without all due respect = how can I appreciate the dusty insults from noname persons where I don’t even know if it is maybe one person under a dozen fake accounts or with already a lot of fantasy and paranoia = what if Philomena is behind all this? I understand that you have no idea who it could be, because it is clear beyond the sun that the biggest shouters (they admit it themselves, after all) have not read nearly the whole blog – indeed, it often seems that they have barely read a paragraph!

So actually, thank you all and now you can discuss until my (unfortunately my) body is torn apart…
Respectfully (but to whom) or goodbye and scarf, Ondra V., right? 😉