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He tries it on every chick

He tries it on ever girl, he’s just a fucking bitch! What a common and unfortunately frequent phrase of some ladies, which (of course, in my opinion) again clearly shows women’s hypocrisy. What do I mean? Well…let’s skip right at the beginning the part that in that sentence women actually call themselves whores (I understand that they don’t realize it) and let’s skip also the fact that the intonation of that message is usually full of contempt and condemnation – it’s simply the end of the conversation and with a slight exaggeration also the end of that unfortunate man = he’s just a loser in their eyes (supposedly – mainly, therefore, verbally).
Let’s, of course, only if you want to, dissect that sentence a little more in depth. Yes, the average healthy heterosexual man does indeed try this on almost every (again, in his eyes) acceptable woman, and in my opinion it is most correct to do so. After all, the women themselves, on the other hand, are repulsed (and downright disgusted) by shy and bashful guys who blush just trying to say hello to the lady. And often they wonder how it is that this wonderful, blasé boy has not yet approached them (usually because the young man already has a boy of his own)…
You know what I see as the main „problem“? It’s just the way life is already set up that the boy approaches the girl. If the girl in question is too ugly or neglected, then nobody addresses her and suddenly it is not a problem that she is imposed on the boys – that and the marg of fairness in the approach to both sexes and who is actually more oppressed (you already know my opinion from previous texts). So then – in a classic (average, normal if you will) situation, a man addresses (tries it on) a woman. Hence the false impression that women are more virtuous because they don’t have to impose themselves on anyone under normal circumstances. But what’s the other option = am I supposed to approach one woman I like and wait, say, six months before she swings and kicks me in the ass? I would find „the one“, I guess, at about 180 years old and I don’t plan to live that long yet…
And how do women react? What? If she’s approached by one man, she never speaks to another until they decide?! Shit!!! She gets hit on by a dozen unlucky men at once, accepts their „gallantry“ and especially their gifts and invitations, while wondering which one would be the best (while lusting after the one who hasn’t even approached her yet) = for God’s sake, is it only me that sees the same thing?!? We just approach a lot of women and wait to see which one catches on and ideally we choose (or use both or more) and women get approached by a lot of men and everything is de facto the same = only we would never think of labelling women as „coquettes“, „vain irritants“ or the aforementioned „whores“ = we know that it is so and we accept it as a fact and have no need to be hypocritically offended by it…