the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
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Like she doesn't have HER

This strikes me as a great way to get rid of dating shame for shy beginners and also to save face in a longer relationship or later „experienced“ age.
We’ve already established that whether women like it or not (we already know they do – they just hypocritically claim they don’t), our motivation for dating and subsequently cohabiting with a woman is sex, or more accurately, her vagina = not for nothing does folk wisdom say that women only survived evolution because they insidiously attached themselves to the vagina during evolution! Well, the greater our desire to merge, the more it shows on our faces and the more repulsive and therefore less successful we are for women – and logically the more determined and in short all our efforts go more and more to shit…
So my advice is simple, dear Wattson, try to imagine, put yourself in the situation – that is, with all sincerity, effort and imagination, that the person in question does not have a vagina = just try it, right now – I’ll wait 😉 Do you feel, do you perceive the sudden change in your experience? That it is suddenly cool, calm, because you don’t really care about anything – suddenly it is somehow (if not directly) a weak-minded, (but then definitely) weaker, slightly embarrassing creature, trying to somehow impress you and somehow fool you – that everything is suddenly quite clear to you, isn’t it?! And then just act the way you feel, naturally, with insight and wit = I’m not afraid to say that you will be shocked by the result – but just try and don’t be a sucker, dude! 😉 And one more thought I want to share = there was an amazing response to my reflection on what „charisma“ is. The writing was typically feminine and verbose, so I’ll allow me to abbreviate it = women supposedly crave masculinity in order to suppress their masculinity so that their femininity can shine through (yeah, women deal with this a lot = the masculine and feminine parts of a woman’s personality = don’t deal with it and just accept it, you’ll be relieved, trust me) – that’s why they subconsciously „reach“ for the first macho asshole and then they’re left with eyes to cry on! Because they expect dominant masculinity, but with respect and reverence for themselves. That is, healthy self-esteem and leadership, not an asshole who is an absolute selfish man and only humiliates them, but equally not a whiny submissive who will do everything in sight and run after her like a whiny dog. Really? I bow! Finally a reaction to my book that has opened up a new perspective that I really didn’t understand, thanks so much!