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Premature ejaculation

The more thoughtful and mainly understanding readers understood that my motivation for the remark about premature ejaculation in the earlier text was my personal experience, i.e. not the need to brag (with almost three hours of intercourse) or to mock anyone (they simply understood the hyperbole, irony and sarcasm of the literary unit) and started to ask quite often mainly about possible solutions to this rather sensitive topic…
Okay, so I dove into the search for various „studies“ and combined their main conclusions with my experience – maybe it will help someone…
I mean = we can talk about premature ejaculation when a man ejaculates earlier than his partner is satisfied in the MAJORITY of cases. It just happens to everyone once in a while, and anyone who says they don’t, it happens to them by now! 😉 Medically speaking, premature ejaculation can be considered a situation where a man cannot prolong intercourse for more than 1 minute. In fact, most men start their sex life as a so-called „premature ejaculator“. However, as they gain experience and confidence, this problem disappears. However, it has been shown that about three-tenths of all mature men have difficulty with premature ejaculation from time to time. To put it simply – if you simply don’t fuck for more than a month, then you slap the woman of your dreams who still makes it clear that she desires you (who would expect that, right? :D) – she’s really very wet, she moans beautifully (even when kissing) and she reciprocates your tenderness, she caresses and kisses you beautifully = just eee, sorry = I couldn’t stand it anymore 🙂 or give me a moment, please – let’s talk, let’s have one more drink and continue, okay? Or – please give me a moment – I’m going to make you feel good now, yay? According to surveys, it has been found that the average coitus time for men is about 14 minutes. However, coitus lasting less than 3 minutes is usually referred to as short – i.e. coitus brevis. Some even ejaculate before the penis is actually inserted into the vagina. This situation is technically called ejaculatio ante portas (climaxing before the gates). Relative premature ejaculation is a situation in which a man does not ejaculate prematurely, but nevertheless before his partner is satisfied. The causes may be, for example, low frequency of sexual intercourse (sexual horniness and arousal certainly lead to premature ejaculation), fear and anxiety experienced during coitus (fear of not satisfying the sexual partner, or other fears related to everyday life), or it may be a learned response where rapid ejaculation is forced due to unfavourable conditions for coitus (fear of being discovered, or prolonged sexual intercourse with a cold woman who „wants to get it over with quickly“). It has also been shown that many men have several times increased conductivity of peripheral nerves and thus many times faster reactive response to sexual stimulation.

Treatment of premature ejaculation
The most common recommendations are to increase the frequency of sexual intercourse (mainly in young men who are not yet sexually experienced), to distract the mind from sexual stimuli that lead to a rapid increase in arousal, and last but not least to educate the mind about the possibility of reducing sexual arousal during coitus by taking short breaks. This was exactly my problem – those who read the whole blog know = unfortunately and it’s really more sad than it seems – I didn’t even get used to regular intercourse in 30 years because Christmas was more frequent… By the way – ladies who feel the need (in my opinion for completely illogical reasons) to keep their legs together all the time = have you ever wondered why long married men in their 40s have prostate problems when the ideal prevention is to have at least three ejaculations a week? Do you understand that you are actually killing your men – I mean now also physically, mentally from day one!? Techniques include, for example, the squeezing technique, where it is recommended to squeeze the glans penis hard just before climax – which I honestly can’t imagine very realistically and in practice; or the start-stop technique, where the patient manually teases his penis for about half an hour and stops every time he feels a climax approaching.
Another option is so-called local anaesthetics (e.g. procaine or mesocain). These substances can be obtained in the form of gels or creams for this purpose and their effect is almost 100%. It is important, however, to use a condom when applying them to the penis to prevent their effect on the nerve endings in the vagina and thus suppressing the sexual experience of the partner. I had once (more than once, actually) a partner who had slightly bigger teeth – and no, I’m not really boasting about the massive utensil (but maybe actually I am, because her husband supposedly never experienced this), that when she gave me a little more than a little attention with her mouth – she „scratched“ me on it – which led to a decent and mainly practical „numbing“ and I was then unstoppable…
Another measure that can help with dealing with premature ejaculation is a change of sexual position. For example, a position where the partner is „on top“ tends to be evaluated positively by premature ejaculation sufferers.
The point is that the woman’s pace is a little different than what we would be comfortable with, and it’s the fact that we’re not so comfortable that distracts us – not to mention that there are ladies who are jumping, bouncing, overreaching, as if they’re going to straddle me or crush my balls – I sometimes feel, that it will delay my ejaculation for the next week with someone else 😀 To reduce sexual irritation, using a condom can also help (long action seems to work and there is no need to interrupt the movements so often when one is already getting off for at least a few minutes). And if it’s somehow a little more subtly possible, feel free to put two on – again = you’ll be surprised 😉.

Finally, a few more tips that can help when battling premature ejaculation:
– relax and don’t allow yourself any stress. Put your daily life behind you
– always try to regulate your climax and ejaculation
– don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about your problem, as she may be the one who can help you with this problem (and apparently she is the one causing it in the first place ;-))
– don’t concentrate on the performance and don’t think about possible setbacks = by the way – the lady I went with for those three hours was most satisfied and may have something to tell her friends about by now – yeah, I pissed off their partners, I get it = but truth be told, many ladies would have thought of speeding up the action – they wouldn’t have enjoyed it that long, which could lead to them drying out and it could still be uncomfortable for both of them – my personal recommendation (because I’ve experienced it too) = I really like the back position and I can’t really hold myself in it, so I use it as a backup for when I need to speed things up, I even call it that with one partner = „the accelerator“ 😉
– Also, it is possible to reduce acorn sensitivity in a simple way and it’s not circumcision. One just needs to keep the foreskin still, long enough before the act and the way the glans rubs against the shorts/slips and stuff, it gets a bit numb. Maybe one could pee just before the act and „scratch“ it a bit with one’s fingernails to „numb“ it a bit. At least that’s my feeling.
– Alcohol – they say that a man can’t do it afterwards = I obviously have it differently in this case too = I can do it afterwards and for a really long time
– masturbation before sex – it just takes time to figure out how long before, because either it doesn’t work or I don’t really feel like doing it afterwards…
– Kegel exercises – either look it up or post it and I’ll work it out again