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The handyman services

Recently I have been intrigued again by several statements and I cannot help but reflect on the situation again – here’s how I see it, I don’t take your opinions away from you, I will keep mine, if I may…
„Men are attracted to a woman’s body, not her personality!“ What a shame, isn’t it?! Or is that true? Well…it’s definitely a matter of priorities, or a completely different set of values and perception of „the world“. In fact, a lady expressed herself in a similar vein (thankfully not about me, but who knows…): „I wrote that I needed to cut wood – no response! If I had written that I needed to fuck, he would have been here by now!“ Yes, that’s it!
I’ll try to respond in points:
– if I had texted her that I needed the dishes washed, dusted and vacuumed, would she have come?! And what if I offered her a luxurious exotic holiday, wouldn’t she have packed already?! We have nothing to blame each other for – we just need to respect that we have different values…
– We want to give a woman the best we know = cuddling, tenderness, sex… just to make HER feel good, not to make MYSELF feel good = the screams of your pleasure caused by us are the most beautiful music to our ears! Sadly, for many women (fortunately not all) the wood cut is more important = aha, so we are selfish, right?!?!!
– You know and honestly = many women take offense that we supposedly see them as just a piece of meat = so be it, but a piece of beautiful meat to kiss…we admire the beauty, the artwork! And do you know that it offends me again to be perceived as a walking screwdriver? What else would I use it for – cut the grass, paint, nail this, screw this, take this away, bring that…
– Do you know that these activities, provided by the hourly husband (stupid name), are paid for?!? And I’m supposed to do them for free because paying for sex is beneath you, right?!? Really???
Because watching TV has been killing me lately, I’ve gone back to my beloved series The Big Bang Theory. I had completely forgotten Penny’s line when she praised Leonard for trying to make her happy and the others asked her what HER job was: „To enable Leonard to make me happy!“ That’s the way, ladies, no – if equality, equality, right? 😉