the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

If equality, then equality!

(for the feisty and the love-hating = beware, satire!)

And I would start with something lighter – how about starting with sports? Runners, or sorry – female runners, nice and easy with the runners – just no discrimination and condescension in a macho world! Then maybe boxing or hockey…well, he’d be fine with stupid tennis = put on a nice three-winner, no schmoozing…isn’t it strange to you that activists don’t revolt in this regard? Yet it’s downright flagrant segregation! How can they possibly allow a different playing field for men and women? Could it be that in this case it is harder for men?! 😉
And what about such a job?! I’m looking forward to the crowds of female bricklayers, female miners, female roofers, female tractor drivers…and of course, let me be hypercorrect too = the crowds of male seamstresses, male midwives (modern „dul“), male beauticians, etc.
You see, the best thing would be to abolish all that division altogether = it simply doesn’t matter if one is white or otherwise coloured and equally whether one is biologically or feels male, female, hermaphrodite, etc. I would simply introduce changing rooms, toilets and no other racist additions = I will be very happy to change next to a lovely lady and really enjoy the wonderful freedom of not being singled out. And you know what else? I’d abolish the cubicles in the toilets straight away – no restrictive cubicles! Just make it nice to see that we all have the same, bare asses and in the end, what? Even a creature with a shell has the right to piss in a shell! No more discrimination, freedom to the shell!!!
I guess there really is something to it – for example, this morning I woke up pissed, crumpled, ugly – well, I was clearly a woman! I just don’t know what nature has to say about it – if she has already figured out that there are not two sexes – that maybe finally men could, or rather should, get shit and give birth too = I have never experienced such humiliation and denial of privileges… Women, they are further away – they shave long ago, they pee standing up (and they make us pee sitting down), they burp and fart much better than we do – well, and other attributes of masculinity don’t come to mind anymore… 😀