the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

Thank God for the bitchies!

I know it sounds weird, but I mean it = thank God for the bitches – at least they’re fun, or as the saying goes = good girls end up in heaven, bad girls make you feel like you’re already in heaven…
I mean it like this = from my observation (for the nitpickers = yes, it’s skewed, on a small unpredictable sample and blablabla – do you realize that this book is not about general rules and laws, but about my observation and my experience? So when I write all women, I mean a decisive majority of women that I HAVE met-known and I really don’t want to go back and explain it over and over again! A few things can be generalized, but that’s up to you…), so from my observation, roughly 30% are nice girls and 70% are bitches. At least with bitches it’s fun and exciting. Good girls quickly (often within days!!!) become overprotective mothers = „you’ve washed your hands, you’ve got a ponytail…you want to eat, what are you going to drink?“ That’s really something terrible! They want to take care of you so long that they turn you into a cemetery garden and grow flowers on you, literally! By the way – the first telltale sign, if you’re not sure, is that they’re always figuring things out…and they also want to change things all the time…(and maybe also that in most cases they’re pretty ugly or fat, if both)
The main problem I see (and I’ve mentioned this before from a slightly different perspective) is that a man, when he chooses a woman, sees her as a finished work of art. A woman when he chooses a can, sees him only as potential = I’ll teach him this, I’ll unteach him this, he won’t wear this (women like to use the term „impossible“ – have you noticed? impossible sweater, jacket, pants, shoes = a guy is obviously kind of all impossible 😀 especially since they are possible – well…more like „maybe“), he will wear this, he will do this, he will not do this and then it’s just new furniture, paint, make the living room a kitchen, make the kitchen a toilet! Or seemingly positive interference in my life = I’m supposedly up for more, a better job, higher appreciation, pay, bonuses, etc. But that’s exactly what we don’t want!!!!We don’t want a life coach! We don’t want to be advised, evaluated, changed all the time – the colour of the radiators is impossible, this is what plasterboard wants, etc.
But most importantly = who is always advising us?! What has she accomplished in her life that she is always talking with a hinge, putting herself in the role of the evaluation committee, the approval department, the approval group and often in the role of a prosecutor and a judge at the same time?!?!! Do men really suck that much? And what about chefs, fashion designers, scientists, executives, thinkers, philosophers, but also road builders and workers of all kinds in the best sense of the word – where is the quality of women? You don’t go into politics when no one is really stopping you, okay – I respect and actually understand, but where do you excel? In the kibitzing of men, yes… how did we get to this point, how could we let this happen, how could it happen when the weaker sex is bullying and often even bullying the stronger, more capable, etc.? Why is it that behind every researcher there is a semetrician who yells at him = you’re still in the lab!!! – He’s had his fill of shit, he’ll be home! – I don’t think so… Why is it that behind every researcher there is a semetrician who yells at him = you’re still in the lab!!! You don’t care about your family at all – what does it matter if you’re saving kids from cancer – we don’t have any rolls at home and you made our milk go sour!!!
Maybe this is the „third sex“, i.e. butch = yes, like the aforementioned Merkel, who saves the whole Universe by welcoming it in Germany and somehow forgets about her own family, or that Novakova or whatever her name was, who was
a minister for a while and was (in their eyes) the centre of the Universe and gave birth, actually, she reworked the first sentence, that in the beginning there was data, but data was expensive, because nobody used it 😀 I don’t really care about these ladies = we have freedom and everybody can do what they want (within the law) – they just can’t avoid consequences, karma or God’s mills (as you like). Butches have to prepare themselves to be alone and that every slightly handsome „ordinary“ woman will have legions of admirers and they will have nothing = you can’t fool nature! And to make the list complete, in my opinion, the third sex also includes man-girls-shattered beta-males who want to flatter women (I know what I’m talking about – I definitely used to be one of them, and perhaps I don’t belong to them at least sometimes : D), but they don’t realize they are in the same category as 4% of their buddies = they praise them, chat with them – they are „good“ with them, but they never sleep with them, date them, mate with them = it’s just unnatural and therefore dysfunctional. In other words = women want you to say what you want so they can do the drama! I’ve heard an idea which I’ll take the liberty to elaborate on a bit = when men flatter women, they are comfortable with it, but subliminally they perceive that they are on a pedestal, i.e. above the man and somehow don’t perceive
a reason to be with him. I’m not saying to be rude – see previous chapters, but a healthy self-awareness is really necessary, because honestly = it’s the other way around the woman will get better with the man, hence she should look up to him.…
Pearls for this section at the end. You know why women know where what is? Because they put it there themselves! You may have gathered from the writing above my relationship with my mother-in-law and my pedantic and punctilious attitude to cleaning. As a relatively young man, already married but still a young man, I took most of the family to the cottage. Do you know how my mother-in-law began her tenure in my place of privilege and family at the same time? She completely rearranged the “ cabinet“-that is, the tool-room, where I had my order-yes, order, but my order. I don’t know about you, but
I don’t take anyone to the locker room, it’s my place! Then followed the sideboard, where she changed the cutlery compartments – that would be a topic for a whole chapter too, by the way = how do you store cutlery in yours? Spoons, then forks, and finally knives or something else? In short, she has invaded my mother’s private space again, etc. And the climax? It’s quite humid in the cottage so we put towels hanging on a line outside, there’s a little alley that’s ours too, mine actually, heh! Yeah, I have something like my own alley 😀 Well, because I went to wash up, I took my towel inside and wet my face. When I went to wipe myself, the towel was no longer there – yes, my mother-in-law took it outside again – she said = so it wouldn’t roll around!!!
Related to this is another thought that occurred to me – it’s about the „pulling money“ – namely what it looks like in real life. Obviously we have it distorted from caricatures of gold diggers in silly American movies…but in reality, none (except whores) will tell you straight out how much to shell out! She appeals to your humanity, compassion, generosity (I can’t afford boots anymore, my feet are cold, but it doesn’t matter, I can do it in sneakers; my son doesn’t have crayons for art, I’ll save for them, but he’ll have to go without them for two months, etc.) and so they make and eventually will make a total ass of you, when you finally realize that you are being made an asshole and it’s just the easiest way to get money… And again something like proof = wiretapped – I won’t pay you anything to prove that you are not with me for money = and she agreed to it!!! It’s just possible, or it’s not necessary to pay and support everything all the time!!! He just keeps trying – and yes, you have to be on your toes all the time, unfortunately…
You know, I have to admit that my first real love (at the pioneer camp – yeah, I’m really old like that) was a bit, actually everything was kind of weird, different than I would have imagined… I thought in retrospect that she was probably weird… But, unfortunately, almost shortly after that (well, there were probably two more attempts in between – don’t let me be a total jerk)… then my wife came along. She was a little different, but actually just as weird and only the short life of a dowser opened my eyes – she was not an exception they are all like that = that’s just normal womanhood!!!
I finally figured out how to articulate exactly whatI want – it’s really an art to say and understand what you really want… I’ve been saying for a long time that I don’t want to compromise – immediate response from women = compromise is important in a relationship! 😀 Yes they are, but I mean it in a different way – I don’t want those forced compromises – like me now, you next time etc. natural, unforced compromises are a natural necessity of a relationship – I’m not an asshole, I don’t want to meet myself, I don’t want a robot or a total sub! I also said that I’m all about compatibility, harmony, resonance – I already know how to define it more = I long to meet someone who won’t want to change me to their (often nonsensical) image or their idea of what is right and how a relationship should work. I am looking for someone, or rather I would like to attract someone (ideally a woman and at least homo sapiens, if not sapiens sapiens) with whom there will be a natural compatibility, a merging of „systems“. I mean, not someone who is excited about me at first, but within a few days – as soon as he surveys the terrain, he starts to change my environment, my system, my personality (that’s bullshit, right?) = from furniture, decorations, clothes to habits, opinions, etc. That’s why I’m basically giving up – or rather. In short, instead of the „right“ one, I meet all the „left“ ones (and slightly depressingly speaking, and that’s actually the point of this chapter – I kind of wonder if the right one isn’t basically a guy and if the left ones aren’t just normal, average, ordinary women)… when it’s not really worth it to me even though I still get hard sometimes…or rather, I’ll wait for it to pass 😉 😀 😀