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A well-hidden violin…

This is how Master Hornicek explained why men have to wait for women all the time. He meant sitting in the car while the woman is at home doing something mysterious, or waiting for a woman to go shopping, etc. By the way – have you noticed how much this has changed? I mean, men don’t actually wait in the car much anymore for a woman to shop…probably rightly so, but they are often dragged around supermarkets like Sherpas…but what is striking about this = has it helped women’s happiness? Do they appreciate the fact that men now often go shopping alone – see the earlier classic image of the emancipated woman dragging shopping bags from the supermarket?!? Not at all – on the contrary, women often taunt men about how they bought something else or didn’t find the desired goods at all… He simply found out that there is no other possible explanation than that women are simply playing a well-hidden violin at these times – because nothing else makes sense! 😀
It’s sweet, funny, wise and unfortunately also untrue. It speaks almost to the literal depravity of the female world. Men are really just waiting all the time. If she responds to their offer/invitation; when she is willing to have sex; if she is willing, then when will it occur – after dinner? After the cinema? after hours of chatter?; then again they wait until she has climaxed – so the current „decency“ supposedly commands; and then again they wait until she can go to bed, because „finishing“ is very important for women! Is it just me, or has the world really gone mad and men and their opinions, wishes and desires are no longer of interest to anyone and are often ridiculed?!?!
Be angry with me, but the way I see it is that we have a new generation of women who I call „princesses“. I know you will argue, and you may be right, that I am just „unlucky“ for this type of women, that they are just attracted to me – maybe because of the way I look, because women put much more into appearance than they can admit and realize – and I am not obviously handsome at first glance…maybe I am too much of a fan, but I see myself not as an „ass face“, but as a normal male with normal, average male appearance. It might be worthy of a scientific study – because if you think about the current „male“ idols of girls and women (I’d rather not name names to avoid cheap arguments that this one isn’t really an idol, etc. ), then you will find that the vast majority of them are feminine types with feminine features = try to imagine them with long hair (which many of them have), powdered and made up and lo and behold, you have to admit that they are quite pretty girls! Women, at least in my opinion, are looking for feminine – even girlish features, and subconsciously, because they do not radiate male authority and they subconsciously feel that „there is no danger“ and that they will be easily manipulated…
And you might also argue that I’m just doing something wrong and again you’d probably be right, well… But I’m just attracted to „princesses“! I shuddered a little when I realized how similar these ladies were. For example, I experienced as an example and in a way a culmination of what I am writing about here now, that a lady (whom I have helped financially out of the shit for almost years – yes, voluntarily, I admit that, but with a little hope of gratitude, appreciation and reciprocity) took her time to „let me in“ – i.e. not that she would come to me – she won’t be overwhelmed, will she? So I could come to her, take care of everything – i.e. bring refreshments, wine, etc. And after a few hours of idle chatter we went for a „like“ walk because she wanted a Christmas present and of course we happened to go straight for it!!! So, I was allowed to buy the present and after another two hours or so, I was allowed to do her good – well…do good and do it for a long time…and only after that, if I was obviously skillful and the work was successful, only after that could I „plug in“ and do good to myself de facto! I’m proud to say that I gratefully declined such a conclusion…in my naivety and politely speaking goodness – a tactful synonym for plain stupidity – I did my job though…
For these little princesses, what they are willing (and, unfortunately, often able) to give me is their presence = that’s all, and that must be enough for me – because her nonsensical „female“ logic says that if she is nice to me (now I will finally show myself as a real macho = not to be – if I take care of her, she is always learning something new, I am always entertaining her with well-chosen jokes at her level, etc. – she is the centre of attention all the time), so I must automatically be comfortable with her too!!! They just don’t realize that it’s an effort on my part – it just doesn’t come without effort on her part! See earlier chapters about the trips on which that lady had such a good time and not understanding why I don’t want to go on them anymore. Nowadays it is almost a criminal act to ask = okay and what’s in it for me! That’s some nerve, isn’t it? I’m so selfish! Whew!!! Well, it must be good to be her!!!