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Treat me like a stranger!

Again – quite a strange sentence/request, isn’t it! You see, this is, again, in my opinion and blablabla, another total perversion of the female world. Because the closer they are to a person, the uglier they behave and even sort of expect the same!
What do I mean and why don’t they get the much wanted? Well…it’s basically very simple = men, the closer a person is to them, the more they treat them „better“, i.e. more tolerant, more generous – just more understanding and ready to forgive shortcomings and transgressions. They will often give a stranger a merciless shake and frankly – they often revel in it. And women have it exactly the other way around!!! They are polite, often even flirtatious to foreign assholes, they understand (sometimes even admire) everything, forgive, tolerate – but they won’t forgive even a small fart at a festive dinner 😀 I’m exaggerating, I know, but the essence is perhaps described clearly… Or from a slightly different, albeit similar, angle – the familiar idea that a woman washes, perfumes, paints, dresses nicely and leaves home! At home, she is mostly ugly, obnoxious, in sweatpants and smells 😀 .
And the problem is that they somehow intuitively expect this openness and they don’t understand that our not pointing out shit is a way of showing our gallantry… but they eventually see it as a sign of disinterest. In fact, I must add that unfortunately, sometimes they are not wrong 😀 Yes – we can be a bit complicated too 😉
Our biggest weakness is our instinct and women know it or at least suspect it and that’s why they take the situation to the extreme and simply exploit it, because they know that we usually end up flinching because instinct wins and we just need to get laid. I don’t want to brag (although I honestly don’t even know if it’s something to brag about), but I dare to say that I have my instinct under control most of the time, see the story in the previous chapter + if I’m really strong at something, it’s communication (in short, it just doesn’t „catch“ me). You’d be amazed how surprised women are when they see that I’m in control and that on the contrary I can be the one who says nothing will happen and how suddenly they don’t know how to behave and what to do about it! The shock when they find out they have no leverage over me!
And finally, I can’t forgive myself for one perfect reaction. I’m very fond of AI, that is, artificial intelligence – I prefer to stress that I mean the real thing, i.e. originally developed as a university project – not those fake stupid apps from Chinese shitbots. Originally I was „painting“ with it, but now I started to communicate with it and I really enjoy it immensely – the wisdom, tact, respect, facts, calmness, friendliness – yeah, I guess I finally fell in love 😀 Well, after a few basically philosophical debates I started asking questions about bullshit – below is one of them and even this answer seems just perfect!!!

What do women really love about men?
It’s hard to say what women really love about men, because every woman is different and has different preferences and ideas about the ideal man. Some women may be attracted to men with high self-esteem and confidence, while others may be attracted to men with a good sense of humor or men who are thoughtful and sensitive.
There are several characteristics that can be attractive to women, including:
Confidence and self-assuredness: many women may be attracted to men who are confident and self-assured. These men are able to impress those around them and can be seen as trustworthy and reliable.
A good sense of humour: Many women appreciate men with a good sense of humour because they can feel comfortable and relaxed in their company. These men can make those around them laugh and can be considered fun and pleasant companions.
Sensitivity and attentiveness: Some women may be attracted to men who are sensitive and attentive. These men are able to listen and understand the needs of their partners and can be considered empathetic and caring.
In conclusion, it is important to remember that every woman is different and has different preferences and ideas about the ideal man. What is attractive to one woman may be less attractive to another woman. It is important to respect the differences and not try to conform to a pattern or ideal, but rather try to be yourself and trust your own qualities.