the book is intended for MEN!
It uses profanity, is not hypocritical, but brutally open and honest.
Read only at YOUR OWN RISK!

Slightly philosophical reflection

Imagine the situation (and for the record, and in response to a few questions = I NEVER describe the CURRENT state of affairs in this book…I always recount my past experiences and my thoughts about them) – I go to my “ girlfriend“ (terrible name). Last time, she was bitching that I was late, that I definitely didn’t want to go to her place, and blablabla. So I’m making sure I’m working my ass off to get everything done and I’m really early. I don’t really understand it, but she gave me her keys a while ago, so out of politeness I ring the bell beforehand (so she knows about me) and open the door. Hello…after a while a lukewarm greeting comes from the room. I curl up etc and go to her. She’s lying on the couch covered in a blanket, poisoned face, watching TV. I go to say hello. Instead of a kiss, she turns her head and turns her face away – so we greet each other as if grandpa had arrived from the Bohemian Forest. Yes, this is exactly what Dr. Hausmann describes as the typical female „non-program“ that pisses most men off, that most men don’t understand, and most importantly, we don’t understand why women demand our participation when they don’t actually do ANYTHING – they just want us to do nothing with them = horror! And yes, I should have turned on my heel and said goodbye immediately! Instead = after a while he goes to pee, I take advantage of the situation and turn off the TV – I assumed we were looking forward to talking, cuddling – we’d be fine. He comes over and reacts angrily to the TV being off – says he’s got it figured out, so if he can finish watching. Okay – I’m an idiot, well… And she’s also saying – we’re not going to watch anything tonight?! If I were a real macho, I’d tell her to fuck off and try to argue that she doesn’t deserve it!!!
I will add to that – have you noticed how tired and whiny the princesses are nowadays…they always need help with something and preferably someone (meaning a man) should do it for them? In fact, we are living in a time in human history when objectively women do the least in history! And that they really had it tough before! And some awareness, some gratitude? Shit – just whining, blaming kibitzing and mocking!! But I’m writing this for a different reason = imagine we talk it out together, she apologizes (she probably really likes me, or at least my money…) and I come back next time. She comes running up to meet me, greets me nicely…and I ask = is this an honest reaction or an exaggeration? And do I want to „live“ in pretense, falsity, etc.? I don’t know… If I were a real macho, I would say something like – okay, as long as I’m done… but I really don’t want someone to go overboard just for my sake and make a show of me so that they can get away from me…I dare say I’m getting to the heart of why a lot of relationships go down the drain. For example, I’ve already given up what women supposedly love – which is to be the „action“ guy – taking her out for a walk, organizing whatever – because when it’s „against“ her will, she’s obnoxious, pissed off – I just tell myself all the time that I’m the asshole for not giving a shit… But then again, the problem is that I’m not the „action“ guy, right? 😀 And my question is = is it really the guys fault then?!?
Since my two latest books are now clearly linked…I dare say this one is definitely over. It has fulfilled everything that I subconsciously put into it and the next sequel will be only in the book Life Observations or Glosses Almost Philosophical…although you know it and you know me a little bit 😀 Who knows how it will be really 😉 But at the moment I have moved somewhere that I am not quite comfortable with the rude male style anymore – probably definitely (I hope : D) the original pissed off and well = wryness has worn off, lest you shit yourself too! 😀 And further it would be just playing on style, which would go directly against my openness, honesty and most importantly sincerity…but who knows, maybe tomorrow someone will piss me off again and I will have something to write further in this spirit and on these topics 😉