A little bus psychology - do you want it? 😉

I like to observe and perceive people and here are a few of my observations.
So first, the so-called stair paradox. Let me explain = Karosa (the older buses) have three steps at the entrance and are straight on. SORs (the optically younger ones 😀 ) have one step at the entrance, then it’s a flat and then two steps to the „perch“. A situation that repeats itself almost daily = broken SORka, I’m driving a Karosa…grandmothers lament how many steps it is = I understand, I agree, that’s why I prefer to greet them often with the words = „that’s a lot of steps like to heaven, isn’t it?“ Well – over time I found it a bit morbidly ambiguous, so now I welcome them = „that’s a stair climb, a hike like Mount Sněžka, right?“ 🙂 Oops, after the repair, I arrive by that low bus, the grannies don’t growl on entering, but – what do you think? Yes, they run straight up those two steps – or, I’m not very good at math, but 1+2 = 3, right? You see, and I don’t have to explain further, do I?! 😉
But there are a few things I don’t understand. In vain, for example, I’m racking my brains and still can’t find a logical answer 🙂 …you don’t happen to know:
– why do people open the windows in winter, when it is difficult to keep the bus at least a bit warm? 🙂
– why do people close the windows in summer, when it is necessary to at least air out the stuffy stuff a bit? 🙂
– why, in a bus that is one of two with air conditioning, do these windows open again and cancel the effect of the air conditioning?
– why do the grandmothers, when they get off the bus, stand almost in the doorway and look around…and are too afraid to close it, lest I sweep them through the door? 😉
– why do people literally jump under my wheels at the first drops of rain? 🙂
– why do I quite often have maybe three strollers in my car in objectively nice weather and they go a few stops at the same time?
– why do athletes get a ride to the gym where they run on the treadmill and take the bus back?
And while I’m on the subject of getting on the bus and looking through a psychologist’s eye = the grandmothers are exemplary and sprint straight to the seat – however, in the next few stops they are typical in that they obsessively re-seat themselves (actually yes = ob-seat, so obsessively), do you know why??? The grandfathers, again, after entering, for almost incomprehensible reasons, go into „spa swing“ mode = they totally slow down and start straightening the card in the portmanteau without holding it, and if I hadn’t moved, I’d still be standing there… The teenagers are a chapter in themselves = they get on with the expression of the Passion of the Christ – refracted with the indifferent disinterest of Pablo Escobar; they sit completely casually with their feet ideally up (braced against something like seats or poles) and most importantly they remember to drop the ticket on the floor before leaving as a total protest against the humiliating and bureaucratic system = rebeeel, dude! Oh yeah…only then I have to clean it up after them like = morooon, dudeee!!!