Bus stops...

Have you noticed, my friends, that the names of bus stops no longer correspond to reality?
For example, there is no willow tree growing at the “ At the Willow“ bus stop (by the way – they planted a new one after my writing); or there is no sign of an insurance company at the “ Insurance“ bus stop… and where can I find the biograf at the “ Cinema“ bus stop? The timetable doesn’t say so 🙂 Not to mention that at the „Poliklinika“ stop you will find a torso – just a monoclinic…the same way it is difficult to find a gas station at the station called the same, or even a single grape at the Vinice stop – perhaps only at the Campfire there is nothing burnt, but it is good news.
There are also many companies there and they remain only in the memory of the elders and in the names of the stops = Kablo, Soja, Tatra-houses.
But that’s not all – do you know how much confusion there is for a driver who comes to the roundabout from the swimming stadium and has „Benesova“ on the left and right?! Don’t look for the same stop at the pub on 15 Kopy – it’s up the hill, this one is Polepská 😉
Or how about the circular paradox = there are 4 stops on Circular Street, but none of them is named after that street (Tovární, Hřbitovní, Veltrubská, Dymokurská).
We also have something for dyslexics = a combination of „Hřbitovní“ and „U hřbitova“ or „Na Louži“ and „Na Louži I“ – each of course completely different 😀
But not to cheaply criticize, I would also have some suggestions for improvement = how about renaming „Tatradoms“ after the passengers who get on early in the morning to ride to TPCA to „TATARdoms“? Or maybe change the name to „Spittoon“ based on the behavior of those waiting at the „Gasworks“? And one could easily change the name of the „Bank“ in the direction of Futurum, where there is no such institution, to „Benga“, no?! 😀
Well, I’d better be done, because I keep thinking of such creativity that if, for example, the stop is called „Self-service“ – the next one should be more like „Wet Side“, no? 😉 Or in a similar vein, if one station is the Engineering Station, then the next one should be the „Strip Shop“, no? And I’d rather keep quiet about the fact that, given the location, the Riverside stop should be much more „Riverside“ and as a compensation I’d call the one on the other side „St. Silas Cathedral“ etc. etc., but I really don’t want to offend anyone unnecessarily 😉