The computer-cash register drives us and controls, among other things, the announcement of stops etc. (yes, sometimes it reports nonsense, but that’s not really our fault as drivers 🙂 ). It is connected to GPS and Internet. I can only see a „half circle“ of the route there and only after clicking – otherwise only the next stop…so although I often look like a jerk in the eyes of the questioners, I really often don’t know anything else. As an example = I drove a 6 a few days ago and indeed one rode 5:07 ahead of me and I drove 5:11 – only we each took a slightly different route and both pretty much filled up. I rode that route about 4 more times that day and almost every time it was a little different – i.e. once through Ovcary, the second time out of it; into IR and then just passing that stop, etc. etc. Do you understand now, please, that although I would love to answer many questions, it is not in my power to know the answer?
Now imagine that people don’t just ask me = „are you going back through Ovčáry?“ or „when’s the next 6 from Tesco?“, but also = „where’s the 3 that was supposed to be here?“ or „who’s driving the four today?“ I understand the questions, but please understand in return that I am often not sure what number I am and where I am going! 😀 Until recently, for example, I drove a tour where I drove five lines in one day! By the end of the shift, I wasn’t sure which way to go at the roundabout 😀 .
And again to lighten up a few pearls:
– „are you going to the housing estate?“ For a long time I couldn’t answer, I didn’t understand what was meant = now I respond directly by listing the stops I’m going to until the questioner nods his head in agreement 😀
– „Are you going to the city?“ There I can’t help smiling and responding = I still drive around town, what exactly do you mean? 😀
– And the climax = „where should I get off?“ By then I was yelling tactlessly all the way round = „if I don’t know where you’re going“ – „oh yeah“, says my grandmother spiritedly – „I’m so stupid = to Kaufland“ 😀 „Then „Benesova would be best“ 😉