Catchphrases and catchphrases...

– Nice to meet you, driver…and make a wish what?

– I won’t. Is this a mugging or what?
– If you don’t want my…

– so student. Are you out of class already?
– One student. You’re late. It’s after the bell, you know?
– A kid’s or a grandparent’s?

One whole one.
– I’m not even gonna rip it off so it’s really whole.

Student. Student too.
– Someone keeps saying school’s out.

Just a regular one.
– A regular one? Well, don’t get so down on yourselves – I’ll give you a special one.

– Just one? And you don’t want to sit next to yourself?

Keep the crown.
– Thank you very much – you can sit wherever you like for a reward.

On a beach chair.
– I don’t have those tickets here.

I have it. You want to show her?
– No, I trust you. I can picture her.

I’m getting on right on the way back, just dropping something off and going home.
– Hello, nice to see you. Long time no see. How have you been all this time?

Are you going to Sendražice?
– If I can hit it that night…

Are you going to town?
– I’m always driving around town. Where do you want to go in particular?

Thank you for waiting for me.
– I’m glad you did. Anyway, it’s a great job with beautiful women running after me.

Will you be at the station on time?
– I’m sure I’ll be on time sometime. If I’ll be there on that exact time, we’ll see.

Two adults and three kids.
– That’s the whole trip, isn’t it?

Three adults and a dog.
– That’s like being in a tank.

Once every 14.
– Good price, I agree.

Once for 15.
– I don’t know this ticket, it’s probably VIP.

Two for 14.
– That should be 28, unless something’s changed…

Can you take me to the turntable, please?
– To the North Pole?

Can I sit here with you?
– I’m sorry to hear that you’ve done this.

I’ll sit right here with you.
– All right, well, at least you’ll guide me if I get lost.

What wouldn’t you do for us?
– That’s right…….nothing… 😀

That’s a lot of stairs, isn’t it?
I’d come a little closer, but I’d hit the guys who help and protect us.
Wait, you’re both talking to me at once. I’m a man, I can barely handle one.
You’d better sit down, I’ll ride like Fitipaldi.
Can I turn around with you at the end? I got on the wrong track.
– I’ve got a break there and I’d have to pee in front of you and I’d be ashamed.
It’s hard to see in the fog, isn’t it?
– I don’t care, I know the way by heart.

Good morning.
– Good morning. Well, I know better mornings.

Card, please.
– We’re gonna have to wait a while. There’s probably a lady there who needs to sign for it and she’s on coffee.

I don’t even know where I have it anymore. I haven’t shown it to anyone in a long time.
– So let’s not look for her and go sit (on her, I think).

Well, if I knew it was you, I wouldn’t even take it out – I’ve already shown it to you!
– I’d rather keep quiet 😀