Life observations

Summed up by artificial intelligence:

The main ideas of the introduction of the book are:

– The author has a lifelong interest in the workings of the Universe and human society.

– The book is a collection of the author’s observations and insights, not a statement of objective truth.

– The author emphasizes his openness, honesty and sincerity in the presentation of his ideas.

– The book is a living document that is constantly evolving and expanding with new chapters and updates.

– The author approaches philosophy as a „philosophy of everyday life“ with the aim of turning the everyday into something extraordinary.


Have you ever asked questions about the functioning of the Universe and human society in the most general sense? I have, and in fact all my life.
I don’t claim to have invented or created anything – I just like to observe. I observe and perceive myself, my inner reactions. I observe the world and especially the people around me and their reactions and interactions – and that’s how this book came about = I write down my observations, my insights. I am in no way claiming some kind of objective truth (if there is such a thing), nor am I claiming that my, let’s say, interpretation is the only possible or even correct one. The only thing I really insist on is my absolute openness, honesty and sincerity…the rest is up to you. Will you go along with me? 😉
And just to add and explain at the same time = I am publishing here the second, expanded and revised edition of this successful book, with the understanding that as the situation (and I with it) evolves, more chapters, new updates – in short, new and new insights – are being created…so it is essentially a living book, constantly refining, improving and expanding 😉 I have started calling it all the PHILOSOPHY OF EVERYDAY.

The new motto could now read like this:
„Maybe a bit pretentious, but I call my philosophizing the philosophy of everyday life. Because I don’t want to deal with being and paradigms…I want to turn every ordinary day into an extraordinary day!“


The Universe or the Matrix?!

Words, words, words or how we label, value and devalue everything

What we really know or our favourite social games

So what exactly is the Universe and how does it work or the basic principles of existence

Love or how I perceive this „process“

The key to functioning or how do you feel?

Feelings or what the hell am I talking about?!?!

Our own supercomputer or programs and viruses in our skull

How programmes work or the law of attraction

The pitfalls or a premonition of trouble

What about the others or the functioning of society

The second universal principle or our free will

What exactly is bothering us, or where is it?

Virtual reality or real social networks

So what really exists or the power of the present moment

What to do about it or what solutions are there?

How best to help the world or what can I do myself?

So is it true this or that, or the damn duality

In general, nothing applies in general…

Placebos, superstitions, amulets or does it help or not?!

To think or to know nothing

Memento mori or remember death

Television, movies or the power of moving pictures

The Observer or what makes me feel good

Morning, evening, during the day or some practical observations

Affirmation = yes or no?

Examples of my discovered and cleaned blocks or maybe you have it too 😉

When will it happen? Or will it ever come true?

The world is diverse or every now and then someone else annoys me

Old age sucks or an example of my observation of the world 😉

The Universe is an autist!

Life is kind of a weird multiplayer

The cure for depression