Feelings or what the hell am I talking about?!?!

Again, I probably won’t surprise you, but I dare to suggest – let’s stop talking about whether I’m moody or gloomy; I’m in a cheerful or joyful mood… in short, let’s stop pigeonholing (by the way, Aristotle taught us that, and that’s why I disagree with him so much, virtually. Of course, I don’t know him personally 😀 ) and let’s dive at least one level deeper, so let’s get to the point. I would see feelings as simply positive (that’s what love is to me) or neutral (I don’t care, whatever, it doesn’t mean anything to me, it doesn’t appeal to me in any way) or negative (basically all sorts and forms of fear, and I list that again under the umbrella term for everything bad as the opposite of that generalized love). The huge advantage of this division is that we don’t just „talk it out“, in short we know how we feel, don’t we? 😉
How do those feelings (sentiments) actually arise? I’m convinced that this is much more complex than that, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there were a thousand conflicting claims or even scientific studies. But after all, I promised to describe my observations, my insights. So I imagine the feeling as a flow or passage of energy through the body – like when a chill runs over your body (though actually inside, right? :D). Sometimes it’s really just a „whiff“ other times a longer vibration, frequency, tingling, and sometimes it’s such a steady oscillation that we’re not even aware of it anymore and we’re obviously under the false impression that we’re „fine“, that we don’t even feel anything, that we’re at peace. So I’m basically describing the reaction of the nervous system to a stimulus, both externally and internally. I can even see a purpose there, and that is to try to get the brain to react – to restore calm, balance. We can probably imagine this in simpler reactions like = I get scared by the horn and jump.
What triggers these feelings in us? Well, anything, and a little differently for everyone. Mostly it’s thoughts – see my writing about the terms we think in. But sometimes it’s even quicker and a person, animal or even a thing triggers the feelings.
And when a feeling is combined with a specific thought, something I like to call a PROGRAM is created. It is something by which we behave, by which we create and attract like. But that deserves a little more discussion, don’t you think? 😉
And a few more notes that expand on the topic. Only the feelings are really in the present, in reality. In fact, thinking is itself a program that takes us away from the present. Feelings are also really the only certainty so much sought – no „system“ is certain or sure because I don’t understand it 100%, I don’t have a full penny of information. Only my own feelings are certain. In other words = I don’t know what will happen, but I know that I can handle it! Because I know how to do it, and if I rely on my feelings and work with them, I can do it. Because my feelings are (almost) the only ones I can influence and work with as well = that’s my security, my happiness! I can’t rely on anything else. I mean, in the sense that I can’t rely on the outcome, I just don’t know how it will turn out. I know how it works… That’s the expectation by the way, that’s the clinging, that’s the focus on the outside = I would like the system to run according to me, but it doesn’t! I only have my feelings.