How programmes work or the law of attraction

If you haven’t quite tuned in to „my“ wave yet, and if you are still looking for meaning, for a reason why I am writing all this, and if you are also still looking for something „new“ – even if I would really reach into a deeper philosophy, then supposedly you can’t learn anything new in a real sense, because the brain is looking for similarities – so you can expand and deepen the knowledge or show new connections, but if something completely new is said, the brain won’t register it at all, because it has nothing to relate it to, nothing to compare it with. So then I discovered, I noticed (better expression than invented) as such a new little observation, that in the book and movie The Secret there is an inaccuracy that does not allow many to use the law of attraction to its full potential, namely = THOUGHTS DO NOT ADD ANYTHING. What really attracts everything into our lives are our FEELINGS that those thoughts evoke. It talks about feelings, I know, but only as an auxiliary factor, but the emphasis is on thoughts and even controlling them. But if you have no feeling for a thought, or you have a neutral feeling, you can repeat it a million times a day and nothing will change in your life, or an even worse situation – if you have a negative feeling for that thought, even if it is seemingly formulated positively, it can still hurt you. As an example = thousands of times a day I will repeat to myself „I am a millionaire“, but I feel bad about it, something like „I will never be that anyway“ or „I am a gut feeling that I am not a millionaire anymore“ = guess what it will lead to? What will be the result? Are we still getting along?
One more observation I’ve made. Just by the name, it is the LAW of attraction = it is the word law that is important to understand, i.e. there is not some evaluative mind involved, or more popularly – it is not a bearded grandfather on a cloud. There is not in our conception any thinking, evaluation, planning, calculating, that someone would punish us or think: „I’ll let him get away with it for a while“. All these are „only“ the consequences of my feelings, it is simply the law. Something like action-reaction or gravity = when you jump from a skyscraper, do you get the impression that gravity is „telling“ us that it will sweeten it now and that we will kill ourselves? No, we kill ourselves because that’s how the law of gravity works. There’s no intent. I think you understand now, don’t you?
I hope you believe that the last thing I want to do is offend or ridicule anyone. Still, I think I need to provide some of that specific example here – so please keep in mind that I am only trying to illustrate a point and I am not judging, condemning or deprecating anyone at all. Imagine a religious person praying to God. There are many people who have many experiences with answered prayers. But there are many others who do not have that experience. What is it? Are they worse Christians, then, worse people? Or does it mean that the God in the others is saying something to the effect of, „These don’t deserve it. I’ll make them wait a little longer.“ etc.? No, it’s the law of attraction, and so the former simply know that God will do it for them (more accurately, works or even did – I’ll explain later), feel good about it, and so called don’t doubt it. Well, the latter have (maybe even very hidden and unconscious) negations, blocks and therefore nothing comes true for them. Do we understand each other now? I believe we do.
And by the way, I don’t want to play on some encyclopedic knowledge here, but even the Bible itself, when describing God, uses many representations for a good understanding and then also describes his „qualities“ or „abilities“ – that is, seen through human eyes. But as far as describing who or what god really is, there is only one statement you will find, and that is (world wonder 🙂 ) „God is love.“ If I wanted to be a bit provocative after all, I’d write now – you see, I really know what I’m writing about 😉 But I’m tactful so I’d rather keep quiet 😀
Well, since it really is „love“ – or at least that’s how we describe it, when we feel „good“ somehow for our benefit or use and joy, it actually works for everyone according to what they „know“ and materializes what they like, what they attract (and therefore equally what they don’t like). In other words, everything is lovingly and kindly set up to make a person feel that it is the way he thinks it is…but it is only when he moves from system to system (like me = evolution-faith-quantum) that he finds out that it is. Of course, if one lives and experiences only one system-schema, one has no chance to experience and understand that these are principles, i.e. not thinking…