To think or to know nothing

I have the feeling that I still haven’t quite managed to explain how I perceive the term „know“. I have already written quite a few letters on this subject, but it seems to me such an amazing discovery of Mr. Nejedly, that I would like to copy his whole chapter 🙂 Maybe once again, in a sort of maximally brief way = everything is about feelings. Feelings attract, influence, create reality. We all influence each other and the higher takes. And the highest energy is „I know“, i.e. 100% believe. I don’t think I can squeeze more out of myself 🙂 I’ll trust that you understand me…maybe you’ll get back to me after reading 😉
So how to get rid of the negative effect of other „magnets“ on me? I already said that you won’t get specific instructions from me 🙂 but I will suggest. The thing that actually has a negative effect on me is not the other magnet, but my fear that the other may hurt me. So this is the way to go – to find out why I am so afraid of it, when it originated in my childhood, etc. Well, then it’s just a matter of removing the specific negations, blocks, DESTROY and that’s it 😉.
There is one more observation related to the „I know“ theme, which I had to observe again, because I didn’t quite get it from that book mentioned X times already. Namely, many times we are hindered by the so called „clinging“ and I still didn’t fully understand what I mean by that. And the answer in the end is apparently very simple – as always, because my experience says that even a moron can say anything in a complicated way, but simply only those who really understand it 🙂 (to which group I belong myself, judge for yourself after reading this book : D) So = if I’m not sure if I’m not clinging to something specific – so again as an example, for example the „millionaire“, i.e. that I want to be one, then ask yourself = and what if it doesn’t come true, what if I’ll never be one? Well, the only correct answer is something along the lines of = I don’t care, I want it, but I don’t cling to it, I don’t insist on it, I don’t care, I just wish it, but I’m at peace…everything else needs to be „cleaned up“ again. Understandable? I believe so.
And a brief reiteration – I have written about my question in some training sessions, that = what do you really know then? And something like a conclusion? After going through all the above options, we’ve come to the point that we don’t know much about the environment, that it’s just (often learned) conjecture. We know a few things about ourselves = I am alive, I exist, I am here now, I am breathing, my heart is beating, etc. And then our reasoning could be taken further = I know I’m a boy, I know I’m like this and like that and there is the path = if I change this, I can change my future, my ego, my „nature“, my destiny…
Esoterically speaking – my „mantra“ in the last, one could say maybe, years is „letting go“. I mean to leave everything to the Universe, to the law of attraction, to feelings. Don’t get involved with the Universe, because it only causes stress, anxiety, fear, worry about how it will turn out, and it is these feelings that hold it back, because they don’t allow that free flow. I’m going to draw it in with these feelings so I can be really at peace. Don’t push it, leave it to the Universe. and react naturally. But beware = it’s not passivity, idle waiting, etc.! I think of it as a river = flowing, flowing in one clear direction. I can paddle upstream, but I’ll just tire myself out unnecessarily and from the bank it will still look like I’m standing still. I’d rather paddle with the current, but I’ll decide how fast and perhaps at which bank, etc. I have the rudder in my hand, but I don’t worry about the „drive“. That may make it even better than I think or imagine. Similarly, being active in real life means you need to be really clear (honest and truthful with yourself) about what you want. But again, be careful = not HOW you want it, but WHAT you want! After all, this is not giving up your own dream – on the contrary, it is telling yourself exactly what you want and waiting for it to be realized and not preventing the realization. Or maybe better than the river – like a surfer waiting for the right wave – not just paddling and convincing yourself that this is the right surfing…
Not getting in the way of the universe actually means – don’t think, perceive and concentrate on feelings, that’s the other dimension. Thinking is great as a tool, but it must not be the master. When I start thinking intensely, it causes stress and stupid feelings, but if you focus on the feelings, then you will understand! Because thinking-thought doesn’t affect anything! It’s a tool, a game… If you feel good and let it go, it will turn out good, if you feel „bad“, it will turn out bad… It will turn out right ALWAYS – that’s how the Universe works, but the question is, if I will evaluate it as GOOD and I will influence it by clearing blocks, good feelings and therefore it will turn out good!
In this sense, even „expectation“ is counterproductive! For it is an implicit effort to be in control of things. Perhaps one can feel the emotional difference in the content of the words „expect“ or „anticipate“ as to what, how and when it will come.
There is a widespread and especially strong misconception about what we do to influence things. Stress, fear, clinging to things, striving, it doesn’t work, does it?! That’s why I do what works – I know the key to influencing reality even if it sounds strange, maybe pretentious – just the usual programs, blocks immediately start disapprovingly „screaming“ full of prejudice. Admit it = My problem is clinging, but it works for you, is it a working system?!
Accept the fact that you have to cooperate with the principles/laws of the Universe. It takes some humility to do this, you are not alone – you are the master of your universe, but you are also a sliver of the hologram, adjusting it in cooperation with the Universe. Access how the Universe communicates – pressuring it externally doesn’t work. Pressure from the outside to get my way, that’s what the programs are – I want it, I have to have it, etc. That’s the clinging to things but that’s not how it works
What is needed is what is again mislabeled as an „open mind“ – to accept what that reality, that Universe, brings and to look out for it with joy. If one is blocked and pushes one’s own idea in there, one will spoil it. An open mind and cooperating with the Universe – that’s actually what Jarda Dusek says.
And one more important thing belongs to this chapter. At the moment of decision, intention, the processes immediately start to „adjust“, i.e. something happens immediately, but in our optics it „takes a while“ and I can put the brakes on it again with my feelings, turn it off – i.e. clear the negations and let the process of creation work in peace, without effort. The universe is not static, it is always in motion – processes are always running! And as one of this year’s three Nobel Prize winners in physics (all quantum, by the way) confirmed, there is no boundary between the quantum level and ordinary reality in the operation of laws – it just, in layman’s terms, takes „longer“ on our level, on the quantum level it is „right away“… And rather a plea = if you are interested, look up the exact wording yourself – I would hate to get bogged down in it and by my own interpretation or understanding further distort the real nature of his discovery (his name is Anton Zeilinger and articles about it will hopefully stay on the net for a while).
There is a huge difference between feeling Happy and living Happy!