The Universe or the Matrix?!

Summed up by artificial intelligence:

Main ideas of the chapter „Universe or Matrix?!“ are:
– The author tries to avoid the common habit in books where the main argument is hidden until the end.
– The basic thesis of the chapter is that everything is energy, an idea that may seem esoteric, but the author considers it scientifically valid.
– The author refers to Einstein’s equation E = mc2, which shows that matter is ordered energy under certain circumstances.
– He discusses that even what appears to us to be solid and dense is actually made up of mostly empty space and energy.
– He points out that our perception of reality is formed in our brains based on information we receive through our senses, and that most of what we perceive comes from our brains, not from the outside world.
– The author prefers the term „matrix“ to „universe“ because it better captures the idea that our reality is more of a mental image or simulation.
– The chapter ends with an invitation to think about what to do with this information, and offers the reader the opportunity to put the book down because the main idea has already been communicated.


You know, in many books, which are certainly very interesting and informative, I find it annoying that the main argument or whatever you want to call it is usually near the end, and so one has to wade through a pile of printed paper before finding out whether one agrees with the proposed conclusion at all…
I would like to avoid this mischief, and therefore I will try to describe right here and now the essence from which I start, which is conventional to me…it simply makes me happy and, above all, I can see with my own eyes and feel with my own feelings that it simply works that way. For the rest of the book I will try to somehow defend these ideas, expand them and most importantly apply them directly to practice, because I don’t like to talk for the sake of talking, but to make everything have a clear practical meaning. You too?
So – do you also have a strange feeling at the phrase „everything is energy“? I do. I don’t actually have anything against esotericism, but this particular sentence strikes me as very esoterically inflected. But even if I want to avoid your possible prejudices, it is true, and perhaps even „scientific“. Although you probably already understand my relationship to general truths…in short = nothing applies in general.
So without wishing to go into an analysis of physics and their postulates (which I am not very confident in myself though I enjoy immensely), it is perhaps obvious from the well known equation E = mc2 that (in layman’s terms) matter is ordered energy under certain circumstances. That’s also why (if you remember a few things from school, and I’m really done with this, I promise) matter has different densities, i.e. even what looks densely impenetrable to us appears under powerful microscopes as a lot of void and just an atom here and there. And what holds it all together is again energy or variously defined and described „attraction“. And that the equation is valid is proven by nuclear power plants and the atomic bomb. And supposedly every equation is valid in both directions, but we (for now and I hope for a long time) can get a bunch of energy out of the atom, out of matter…we just can’t get it backwards 😉
As at the time of writing this second expanded edition of Observations, Professor Jan Rak, an ultra-relativist nuclear physicist, appears frequently, at least in my Universe. I therefore feel the need to expand that „physics“ introduction a bit, but don’t worry, I won’t rob the professor somehow. After all, from the very beginning I have been saying that these are not actually my thoughts and that I am describing my observations, so in this spirit, please, please also see this addition…
So – imagine a tree, the camera zooms in… you see a leaf, the shot goes even closer and deeper, you see an atom… the nucleus… Suddenly the shot starts to zoom out… you see a forest, a continent, a planet, and suddenly the same thing again… do you understand the unity? And now – how much space, emptiness is everywhere! But in fact it is really only our simplistic idea, because if you listen to the results of research from the accelerator at CERN (i.e. the somewhat awkwardly described „microscope“), you will learn, that the atom (the original meaning is „atomos“ – indivisible) is somehow divisible or better to say penetrable = there is a nucleus, protons, neutrons, electrons orbiting (although even that is supposedly a bit different, but I promised not to go into unnecessary details). There are supposedly some quarks in the protons and in the protons = nothing! I better write it again = there is NO MATTER in the basic building blocks of matter!!! Please think about this for a while… I’ll wait for you 🙂
So even our idea of an atom does not correspond to reality it is just the already mentioned energy and information (potentiality). Everything is composed (and I am not afraid to say directly created or generated) in our brain! After all, how much information do I really need in order to „function“? A few pixels, a few bits and the rest the brain fills in/completes itself! I don’t have to examine every millimetre of wood, just a glance and I „know“ that it is a chair, how heavy it is and that I can sit on it! Yes, what we call reality, the world, the environment, etc., are just photons hitting the eye and processed by the brain…and also sound, i.e. hearing (plus of course smell). Let’s face it, we don’t actually touch that many things. Well, it all has to line up in the brain (recall that light is faster than sound – see lightning and thunder for example). But what we may not realize is that most of the resulting „perception“ comes from the brain not „outside“! So actually, much more accurately, it’s not exactly „the universe“ because that’s just our description, a mental concept. It is much better described by the (nowadays, unfortunately, also quite overused) term „matrix“, i.e. mental image, hologram, game, simulation.
So everything is much more information than energy in the true sense of the word, but let’s keep using it that way for our purposes, shall we?
I didn’t say anything new and revelatory, did I? I know, I didn’t even promise that 😉 But what about it? Let’s think about it together – if you want to, of course… but feel free to put this book down, you already know the main thing 🙂