So what exactly is the Universe and how does it work or the basic principles of existence

Summed up by artificial intelligence:
The main ideas of the chapter are:
– The Universe and its principles: the author tries to overcome differences in interpretation and wants to focus on the deeper meaning and feelings associated with the existence of the Universe.
– Love as a universal concept: Suggests that love is a key element that permeates various philosophical and religious systems.
– Theory of Everything: The idea that regardless of whether we evolved or were created, our world is perfectly set up for our existence.
– Physical conditions for life: Mention of physical constants such as distance from the sun and the composition of the atmosphere that are ideal for life.
– Subjective Reality: Reality is seen as a superposition of subjective experiences where each observer influences and creates their own universe.
– Human Society: Although human society seems to function inadequately, it actually functions according to the same principles as the rest of the Universe, only our experiences are often negative.


So now that we’ve agreed, or so I hope, we’ll go for meaning and perceive feelings rather than argue about the interpretation of individual words and argue about who thinks what about everything and what someone said or wrote where…short check = we’re still on the „same wavelength“, yes? So let’s try to describe in some clumsy way what’s going on here…
Let me suggest a description that (at least in my eyes) goes across the whole spectrum of philosophical and religious schools and dogmas = and that is LOVE. I know, I can hear your prejudices screaming right now… But I beg you, let’s try – at least for a moment, to quiet our emotions and „just“ listen and think or better said = perceive, shall we? Or to put it a little more humanly – let me at least finish, please? Thank you!
You see, in my eyes, this is the „theory of everything“. Because it doesn’t matter whether we evolved from „monkeys“ or were created by God – we are here, and if we observe everything calmly, we can’t help but notice how everything is adequately set up for our existence. And rather once again – it really doesn’t matter whether we have adapted ourselves to our surroundings through evolution or whether everything was created so that we could live contentedly. It’s just a variation on the theme of what was before, whether hen or egg (although as the greatest classics say = everything was before and much better :D). So I would sum it up in one unintentional overstatement and that is that we were „created by evolution“ 😉 Otherwise we will argue about it endlessly and nothing will change in the real world… we will not help each other – at most we will all insult each other…
Please consider these facts = distance from the sun, rotation speed of the earth, tilt of the axis, composition of the atmosphere, water = everything except human society is „adequate“, appropriate or adequately prepared for our existence. A miniature change in physical constants would lead to the extinction of life as we know it. Is it really so difficult to accept the fact that we live in a friendly, loving (and ideally loved) Universe (or space, if you prefer that term)? Sometimes it is, isn’t it? Why is that? It’s as if we have some blocks that obscure this awareness, or programs that tell us, that teach us – something else…
I’m talking about the Universe, but maybe I’m forgetting a little bit that the Universe is here too – we are the Universe too. So maybe it’s really better to use Jarda Dušek’s term = space.
I dare to use a little more complicated sentence, but you make it, I believe you 😉 It just takes a moment to stop and think about it without prejudice (with muted emotions). So then = objective reality doesn’t exist, it’s a superposition of mental images of subjective universes! Thus, it is impossible to separate what we call „reality“ from the one who is observing it at the moment – for he (and of course she, it, just everybody) influences and often directly creates it! Crazy? I know…
Superposition means that all variants are valid at once. It sounds strange, I know, but we all experience it almost daily. For example, we go to the theatre and behold, for one it was „nice“ and for the other it was „ugly“ and they’re both right, that’s why it’s a superposition. It’s just that it can be applied de facto to the whole „universe/matrix/etc.“ And to wrap it all up even more completely, if you want to use a sort of scale or ladder, then the first stage is that „this or that“ is true; the second stage is that „this and that“ is true, but that’s not the top, that’s just the statement that „this or that AND this and that are true“ 😉 It takes coffee, I know…
The only thing that doesn’t seem to work adequately is human society. But it and society function adequately – it’s just our experiences that are sometimes negative. I’d like to devote more letters to this reflection in the over-next chapter, but for now, a moment to clarify my view of the aforementioned love, okay?