The key to functioning or how do you feel?

So how do we understand that sometimes (some of us much more often) we feel miserable, stupid, under the weather? I see it as such a warning sign and motivation to change at the same time. This too, if you accept my reasoning above, is an expression of love = as if the Universe (or whatever you want to call it – Nature, God, etc.) is saying to us, „Hey, do something about it, figure it out – get yourself back on track finally.“ I don’t want to drag my experience in the school system and adult education into this, but motivating anyone (including yourself) to take action or, heaven forbid, to change – that’s really a topic for a lifetime of study – well, the Universe „knows“ how to do it = bad feelings will take care of it 🙂 .
So the key, and probably not surprisingly after my previous writing, is to the best of my knowledge and conscience our feelings – i.e. not opinions, thoughts, dogmas, schemes etc. The most common question we should ask ourselves, and several times a day, is „how do you feel?“ (our inner state of mind, mood, psychological state) and the only acceptable answer is „fine, on top of things, at ease, not clinging to anything, etc.“ Any other answer should be a clear signal to take immediate action to fix it, because what’s the point of waiting? To get warm? And when else to be happy but right now? Why devote myself to something or even someone else if I am not happy myself? In short = if everyone on this planet helps themselves, all the people in the world will be helped. Utopian? Unrealistic? Maybe – but I promised to write about what works for me…surely something completely different works for others and rightly so. And for some, nothing works at all either. That’s probably not so good anymore, but nobody can force anybody to do anything, or more accurately, they can force anybody, but it won’t have any result, at the most, that everybody will soon hate the „forced“ person 🙂 . I hope this passage will motivate them to action and maybe even pull them out of their lethargy. I’m glad you are and know you are not alone in this!
On the other hand, there are certainly those who are driven by these letters, perhaps directly to rage. But as we already know, it is not the letters, it is the intense feelings that are attached to those statements – even with that I could help you and I would like to do so, and I suppose you know very well what? Yes, you have to want to 😉 It’s like having an „app“ installed in our mind, which (like in a mobile phone) sometimes turns on and sometimes off, but it’s just there. Ideally, we should at least try to turn it off, but it would be much better to uninstall it completely, delete it. Some of the „apps“ have been installed by our parents or we have „downloaded and installed“ them by imitating their patterns and models of behaviour and related experiences. In short, by seeing them in our parents. And again, such a checkpoint = that when you are not at peace, you are not actually in the present, but some negative „training program“ is turned on, some app is running in your head.
So in other words, it’s about adapting to those processes of „love“. Sometimes this approach is called flow. That is, effortlessly and easily floating, using the flows. I have the rudder in my hands, so I am actually sailing according to myself, but within those given processes, the rules of the game. I don’t know if it’s worth paddling against the current all the time…you get tired and you can’t do much anyway. I’m sure you know the feeling too – when it’s in line with the Universe, it sort of goes by itself, easily, and it’s that effort and that striving that feels like undue pressure, but AGAINST the desired outcome! It is simply, unfortunately, a question of dissolving the ego…
So the key is to be „present“, to stay in reality (I know, a bit of a controversial term, but now it’s not meant quantum-physically, but „here and now“). Like, for example, in the car, to pay attention to the driving and react to the emerging situations and, for example, the state of the road, etc., and not to think about what was in the last episode of The Rose Garden 😉 This is what I personally call „reacting naturally“, not being a passive, but an active observer and “ responder“. That’s why the question = what’s happening to you? (it’s actually similar to the question – what’s here and now?!)
Honestly, you know, I can be happy and I am, but mostly only in the present…of course sometimes programs take me away. That’s also why I relatively often talk about conscious action – i.e. being aware of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it + fully perceiving that I’m doing it, i.e. focus and full awareness without distractions.
Equally important is to accept what reality brings. Anyway, everything always turns out differently than one imagines. So why keep imagining things?! And compare it to reality? You don’t know what will happen! You don’t know how it’s going to be, etc. So why do you worry about what’s going to happen next weekend?! This is again a construct of thinking, a game of plans, and then you can be totally freaked out or disappointed that somehow you imagine everything and the reality is different. This is a broken system! Look for what will be – maybe it will be amazing – who knows?! It could be quite an adventure game 😉
Because no matter how it turns out, it will always be right. I don’t know if good – maybe I’ll judge it subjectively as bad it won’t be to my liking, but it will definitely turn out right!
And if the above is true, why worry about the future? It will be the same tomorrow as it is today or a week from now. It will be and it will turn out ideally right (I just can’t count on it being according to my thinking; that is, I don’t know how it will turn out specifically, but I can certainly count on it being really right in the end for all involved) and if I don’t attract negativity with my feelings, it can’t turn out wrong because there is no „wrong“.
The only certainty in that sense is that it will happen completely differently than I imagined – so why bother, rather observe it and yourself. And really, the real certainty is that I can handle it and that I can rely on my feelings, everything else is a game, in the stars, unknown, etc.
Not to mention that when I’m calm, I step out of causality…yes, it really is possible to step out of cause and effect (I mean, I don’t „trigger“ the cause and therefore the effect doesn’t occur – I shut the whole thing down from the start), but better to talk about that later, eh?
So in short = I accept it as it is. Why don’t you accept it? What’s wrong with it? Why does it bother you? 😉