Our own supercomputer or programs and viruses in our skull

Summed up by artificial intelligence:
The main ideas of the chapter are:

– A baby’s brain is likened to a new computer, ready for learning and cognition.
– Education is the process of installing an „operating system“ in a child’s mind that influences their perception of reality.
– A child’s feelings are authentic and fully experienced until they are overridden by external influences such as behavioral guidelines.
– Suppression of negative feelings leads to the creation of mental programs that limit natural reactions.
– The author describes these programs as „viruses“ that can distort the original perception of the world.
– Good and evil are subjective concepts; reality is neutral and we evaluate it.
– Language and words are the means by which these programs are created and reinforced.
– The law of attraction can lead to the attraction of similar experiences that reinforce negative programs.
– Eliminating negative programs leads to problem solving and a return to the original state of peace.
– The „unblocked“ person returns to the state of an unencumbered child, disconnected from the „Matrix“ of societal expectations.


This is a very famous simile and this one is a bit lame, but it is enough for the sake of illustration 😉 A newborn baby has a brain as clean as a new computer. Ideally prepared to accept and, most importantly, to learn about the world around us, including our own self. And we nurture it by connecting it to the Matrix. We’re actually installing a sort of „operating system“.
Feelings of likes and dislikes are in full harmony with one’s own being and there is no sign of anything like thought patterns or systems. When something is pleasant, the baby screams at the top of its lungs, and when something is unpleasant, it screams so much that it can burst 😀 But it definitely takes all the feelings to the bottom and thanks to that it keeps itself in that state of „purity“ or whatever you want to call it, and thanks to that it is also able to scream one minute, as if it is being taken on knives, and the next minute it is giggling at the top of its lungs – and all of that fully, honestly, truly.
But one day something strange happens. For the first time, he suppresses the negative feeling, doesn’t live it down to the ground. Maybe it’s because for the first time he hears a shout like, „Don’t cry! It’s nothing.“ etc. And that’s how the first (we agreed to call it that) program comes about. That is, some idea that triggers a negative experience and that’s it. He already knows not to get angry next time, not to cry in this situation or even a program like „boys don’t cry“ etc. And if I use the analogy of viruses, in the computer world there is, or at least in my youth there was, a relatively harmless and actually hilarious virus called. „upside-down“, which did only one thing, it turned your monitor display upside down and you may be surprised, but it was not quite so easy to get rid of it (unless you wanted to stand on your head while working at the PC 😀 ) – well, and these programs of ours actually do something similar = they turn our original perception of the world on its head…
You know, I have to take a short detour now, and I’ll even allow myself to assume that some will disagree with me, but good and evil don’t exist according to my observation. That’s why I wrote earlier that things just are – we are the ones who value or devalue them. And what is good for one doesn’t matter to another and drives a third mad.
The stumbling block that allows the baby to create that program is speech – words. First we teach him nouns – like the aforementioned Sunshine. But then we add adjectives, which I would suggest, with some exaggeration, to delete from the dictionary altogether. We already know that the Sun is not only yellow or golden and warm, but also ugly, that it is always burning or naughty, that it is not visible today, etc.
The problem with these programs is that they contain a person, an animal or a thing (i.e. a specific thought, an idea) + a negative feeling. And if that feeling is not disturbed, not erased, not switched off – so according to the law of attraction (see above, i.e. flowing energy, which binds, attracts similar ones) – that little person attracts similar experiences, things and people, which make him more and more mad and so he experiences more and more of everything. And this, according to the Universal Law of Love, until he realizes that he should sort it out and return to his original state of peace. It’s perhaps like smearing honey on myself and wondering if the bees are after me – until I wash myself, I can get angry or downplay it, for example, by saying that I actually like bees – until hallelujah…
I find this to be an amazing insight-observation, because thanks to this I can „program“ myself positively and when I find a negative program – actually a virus according to that representation, I can turn it off-remove-delete it and suddenly every problem has a solution. Does it seem amazing only to me or do you see it similarly?
Well, and the cleaned (or unblocked, if you want) person gets to the state of a child, thus disconnecting from the Matrix. The slight problem may be at first glance that there are people who mimic the behavior and actions of someone „disconnected“ from the Matrix, but in reality it is just their program – but even that can be recognized with the trained eye and, especially with practice, eliminated, so relax! 😉