The pitfalls or a premonition of trouble

I dare to say that if you have read this far (and I thank you very much for that 😉 ) and have given at least a little thought to everything, you have felt for some time that there must be a buried dog somewhere, that it will not happen by itself. Yes, you’re right, the snag is that logically I have to admit to myself that everything in my life is kind of my own fault. I mean, in the sense that I brought it on myself with my feelings. And if you feel guilty, that’s not how it was meant at all – it’s not an accusation, but a statement of the consequences of how the law works. That is, a reaction to an action. And if you feel that you did not take any action after all 🙂 , then it is a consequence of living in a so-called drag, self-suppression, i.e. I mean the situation that I feel that it IS happening to me, etc. So in that case, I can definitely vouch for not dealing with it when I feel bad though. That’s a very provocative thesis, isn’t it? I’ll try to explain it more and also try to calm you down and encourage you a bit, do you want me to?
Well, first of all, the self-pilot, the autopilot, whatever you want to call it. One of the most effective ways a young child learns is by imitation. It imitates what we do and plays it as a kind of theatrical performance, as a kind of role, or you could also say a game. You know it. We’ll play shop, I’ll be the seller, you’ll be the buyer, and then we’ll turn it around. Well, and this gets so ingrained under our skin that we basically continue to do it as adults. If I wanted to throw this writing thing off a little bit more, again, we’re just playing this game – I’m playing the game of figuring something out and I’m like, I’m going to write it and you’re going to write it and you’re going to be interested in it, that you understand it and that you like it. 😀 In simple terms, we can say that either I’m consciously playing the game or I have it turned off and so I’m not consciously playing it or I don’t know about it at all and so „the game is playing me“. Am I making myself clear?
In my eyes Karel Nejedly describes this fact perfectly in his book „I have it differently“. So I’ll allow myself a free quote, because I couldn’t have made it better = what bothers me is MY problem. So what bothers the other is HIS/HER problem. A seemingly simple rule, or the essence of how we function in society. If I cut my finger, I can’t ask the other to nurse and bandage it, can I? 😉 Still, it’s a little harder to understand or imagine in places – so let’s think about it a little more together, wouldn’t you agree?
Sometimes the term „conscious action“ is also used, just knowing what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, doing it for me, and I do it for me. Because just because I am calm and basically an unbiased observer doesn’t mean that I don’t naturally react. The point is that I don’t stress, I don’t get nervous. And so I also make conscious, aware decisions. So I am guided by feelings, but it is not (as I say) unconsciously doing what I want! Similarly, there is also a big difference in relying on intuition, i.e. calm perception of feelings versus programs-negation and the false impression that it is the intuition = when it is only (popularly speaking) frayed nerves or exacerbated childhood pains based on the similarity of the actual situation being experienced. Am I still understandable? 😉
In short, calmness is a good thing, but it’s like not getting nervous, not getting stressed – in that sense, not getting involved with the Universe, but it’s not passivity, because the law of attraction doesn’t work in passivity, because if I’m emotionless (or rather, only imagining it), then I’m not attracting anything (at least, at a conscious level). You need to have positive emotions, so you need to strengthen the intention/goal, kick yourself, want it – not cling to it, but that doesn’t mean not wanting it!
So there is a need to strengthen the resolve. That is, not just sit passively and accept patiently. It’s a kind of active angry = I just don’t want to live like this and I’m determined to solve it! I need that „higher energy“, I have to paradoxically „allow“ myself to decide that I want to attract it, for the law of attraction to work.