What exactly is bothering us, or where is it?

Many of us (and quite often as well) look for the source of problems somewhere outside. I dare say that I don’t need to refute this too much and so I will go straight to the arguments, or rather to the observations, how else, right? 😉 I read – well, again = I really don’t know if it’s true, but it was written that, strangely enough, there was a large group of people who returned from the concentration camps spiritually and mentally strengthened, fortified (physically, of course, no one). They realized, for example, the power of the human spirit, of mutual human help, etc. On the other hand, there is also a rather large group of children of billionaires who commit suicide. Isn’t it clear beyond the sun that our happiness really doesn’t depend on our environment, but is all about our inner experience of reality? In my eyes, yes – your opinion is yours 😉.
So my conclusion is that what bothers us are our feelings, our experiences. Nothing more, but also nothing less. But the fundamental difference I see is that I can do something about it then – I may not be able to change the circumstances and environment, but I can definitely change how I feel, how I experience it. Do you agree? Honestly, I have to add at this point that I even see it the other way around, i.e. that we create our „reality“ with our feelings and that „out there“ is nothing but a „monitor“ of what is happening inside us… but more on that later.
Fortunately, those negative feelings don’t last long – it feels like a dentist’s appointment. If we don’t process this frustrating experience for many, we will experience dread for a week before the visit and maybe even the day after 🙂 But maybe my doctor in particular is a very nice person, he is a true professional. The nurses in the office are nice and sweet. The waiting room looks more like a living room and finally the chair in the office is comfortable = objectively everything is fine (except my feelings of course 😀 ) until the moment when the drill hits a nerve – but even that doesn’t last forever. I feel the same way with our life = a few moments may be „painful“ but they serve our „healing“ and the rest „just“ makes our frayed nerves, so yes, those feelings again…
And just as our teeth don’t hurt all at once, nor do they all get drilled at once, so too we don’t have all of our negatives numbed at once. So sometimes even these blocks are released a little – this is to make us realize that we can get better and to get positive motivation to change, to correct. Again, from a certain point of view, one could say that this is another proof of how much the Universe „loves“ us, but again it is more a result of how much emotion is „bubbling up“ in us and to what extent, and also how long the agitation lasts. Blocks remain and the law of attraction works – we just have time to breathe, to concentrate and also to finally start doing something about it… Otherwise we would probably really go crazy, wouldn’t we? 😀
There is no such thing as coincidence, that’s a proven fact. What people ignorant of „cosmic principles“ call randomness is the aforementioned self-propulsion, autopilot, living in the pull of the energies of other (stronger) individuals or groups. So if there is no randomness, then the state of affairs must have a reason – I just don’t understand it, and if I want to I can think about it and learn something from it, but if I don’t want to I don’t – it’s not there to teach me, but if I want to I can learn something – it’s up to me. It’s not a bearded grandpa on a cloud guiding me = I decide if I want to learn something, understand something. That’s just like my take on sentences like = whom God loves, he cross visits or this is happening to you to learn this and that = I fundamentally disagree! At least in my universe, it doesn’t work that way. I just have it different…
So what really bothers me is that what is happening doesn’t match what I would like. So stop always comparing it to some fantasy of yours and you’ll be relieved! The main argument is this = is it working for you? Doesn’t it? And isn’t it better to observe and think? It’s just not how I would like it – so what? That’s not resignation, because I will attract what I really want with my calm and cleansed feelings – this, on the contrary, is a functional way! Calmness and observation of the situation and my experience brings a solution, but an ideal solution! Anxiety and anxiousness does not work – or do you have a different experience! So just drop it and don’t do it! So you live in the present, in reality, not in dreams in assumptions.