Virtual reality or real social networks

I would like to dwell on the aforementioned concept of „reality“. If we try to describe it in a common and somehow experienced way, then maybe it could be expressed in words – everything that is outside my body. But then the question arises, what kind of contact do we have with the outside world, this reality? Only with our senses. This is actually the only way to our brain, where the awareness and processing of these stimuli takes place. You can probably guess where our collective thinking is leading = yes, our senses are imprecise, delayed and a little different for everyone. To illustrate = when a stimulus occurs, this nerve excitation „runs“ along the neural pathways to the brain where it is processed and only then do we react if necessary. If I touch a wooden table, for example, it may not do anything to me. But if I like wood, I will gush about how beautiful the table is. And supposedly it is already possible to measure how long it takes for that touch from my fingers to reach my brain, and the intensity of that experience can be measured in the same way. Lapidary speaking – there are people who won’t register anything; then there are people who will say to themselves, „Hey, nice table. That’s good solid wood.“ And some people will keep that „memory trace“ and years later will still say: „Yeah, that time…when I touched that nice table…“ 😀 Do we understand each other any better? And a silly question would be = which of them perceives reality better? In short, each in their own way.
You see, and this is where I fundamentally differ with this mainstream approach to consciousness, awareness, perception – in other words, with the paradigm, duality, „cosmology“ (of course, not only me, and even I dare to say that there are more and more of us every day = those of us who perceive that it somehow limps, doesn’t fit, doesn’t correspond to that reality). I wrote above that we each create our own reality. So what do we notice or on the contrary what do we completely leave out (in our personal universe it doesn’t really exist) and who or what decides about it again? Yes, exactly = our feelings!
But the way it really is, at least for me at minimum, I perceive it almost 180 degrees backwards. Maybe you have experienced virtual reality – that „helmet“ they put on your head and there is a completely different world happening, but your brain evaluates it in a very real way = you have the real impression that what is on the „screen“ is real and you feel the same way. Or maybe you’ve seen those robotic prosthetics where you control a machine in the shape of a hand etc. with your head only. Why am I writing this? Because maybe that’s the key to understanding = try to imagine (at least) for a moment that there is nothing out there. So it means that we create everything only in our brain and this „virtual reality“ is so real that we don’t even think of doubting it anymore. Besides, because it’s so-called multiplayer, i.e. this version of reality is „played“ by eight billion „players“, we convince and reassure each other that everything is real and that it really is – until you manage to take the helmet off your head, disconnect from the Matrix… Not for nothing do the Indians supposedly say that the world is what the majority believes…
Let me use one more, perhaps a bit more complicated analogy – for us, richer in age 😉 namely social networks and actually the Internet as such. But a lot has been written on this topic and it seems to me that it is very similar in life. That is – the Internet, a network of interconnected computers, allows communication with each other and also customization of what is displayed according to the history of what is already viewed. Complicated? I’ll try an example – without going into details, I promise. I was once looking for a guesthouse in the Giant Mountains for a summer holiday. Then I logged on to Facebook and immediately a bunch of ads popped up for „chalets and cottages in the Giant Mountains“ – coincidence? No, the network is simply „learning“ and looking for similar things that interest me to offer. With a bit of exaggeration, it could be said that every Internet user has a bit of a version of themselves – they see a bit different, hear a bit different and maybe even read a bit different news – see the affair surrounding the election of President Trump. Well, I have observed that this is actually how our perception of reality works. We are attracted to emotions that interest us, but also annoy us – all intense emotions, right? 😉 And then we „display“ it. I mean, it’s not like before when there was one single TV program to watch and so almost everyone watched Hospital on the Edge of Town = it was an artificially totalitarian and mostly momentarily created illusion of unity.
In the end – no one can truly claim to perceive 100% of everything that happens to and around them. Just put a watch on your wrist and in a moment you don’t perceive it anymore. It’s the brain’s way of protecting us from unnecessary „data“ so we don’t go crazy…we have enough of that anyway, don’t we? 😉
You can judge me that I’m definitely out of my mind, but I’m already firmly convinced that there is NOTHING „out there“. Everything is my (our) mental image. A hologram. We create reality by attention – like the famous question of whether there is a moon in the sky when no one is looking at it… I call it the „Cosmic Catalogue“ – the moon is in it, that’s why we’re sort of subconsciously constantly aware of it, and that’s why it’s there – even if no one is literally looking directly. So we can have and do „only“ what is in that catalogue (Matrix)…
So maybe the question arises, how to get something else in there? You’ve probably already understood that I like to explain things on exaggerated representations, so that the point stands out. So = suppose you’d like to start flying by waving your arms quickly. Try it 😉 Nothing, right? Do you know why? Because this is not in the catalogue, maybe such a nonsense because no one else thought of it 😀 So you have two options = either you will be such a strong personality (Gandhi type = the one when he stopped eating, the whole India thought…me if I stop eating, the whole Universe won’t give a damn : D) and with your tremendous energy you get it into the „catalogue“ or you have to convince the critical majority to believe it and then it starts working…yeah, really…
Everything has one more such catch, because subconsciously we assume that the other perceives the environment the same way as I do = I judge you by yourself, says the folk wisdom. But even if you ask the other (I warn you for fools) – do you see grass? And what color is it? It’s green, that’s for sure! Well, yes, but how do you know that he doesn’t see it, for example, blue, but he has learned since he was a child that we call this colour, this perception, green? 😉