How best to help the world or what can I do myself?

I know it sounds kind of adolescently naive, but if you accept my conclusions as possible or even true, then we have a tremendous opportunity for our influence in the best sense of the word. What’s the idea?
Yes, I know, I said that I can only influence my Universe, my reality, but on the other hand, recall the analogy about magnets on the table. So, let’s imagine for illustration an extreme situation (to make it as clear as possible) = an airplane where most people on board are intensely afraid of crashing and some even almost expect it. What will happen according to the law of attraction? Yes, of course the plane will crash. Now imagine that there is one person sitting there, with no negations and no blocks, who knows that they will make it safely. We said that the higher takes – so we can say almost with certainty that the plane will land safely, and it is because of this one person – the person with positive energy and positive attraction. Do you understand now your amazing power that we have at our disposal?
I know that this was a very extreme case, but how else do you explain that there are villages that have been flooded several times in a row and maybe nothing even flows by – it is „only“ from the lightning torrential rains and maybe the next village is fine? Or is it the fact that there are people who seem to have „bad luck sticking to their heels“ and are experiencing one disaster after another? Conversely, how do you explain the many examples of religious sisters who did not get infected during plague epidemics, even though they were moving daily, in fact constantly among the sick and in such a contagious environment?
But it also has a negative application of the same rule = how else can you explain that some (sorry) „nutter“ drives a car like a “ pig“, causes a crash and he is not hurt? In short, he doesn’t have an in program, the „I have to drive carefully so I don’t kill myself“ fear. But maybe the one who „gets away with it“ has a program in his head, a fear like „people drive like freaks“ etc. Do we understand each other?
Better once again = if I help myself, in the sense of getting rid of my own negations, blocks and if I stop attracting negative things, I help my (and quite distant) surroundings wonderfully…and if I not only stop attracting negative things, but also start attracting positive ones = my existence is directly a „blessing“ for the surroundings = isn’t that great? 😉
In short, accept the world as it is (if something is still driving you crazy, clear it up = by accepting the RUŠ method or some other way, which is more pleasant for your experience) and rejoice in nice things = you will attract even more of them into your life.
And a bit more personal conclusion of this chapter = I’m not saying that it has to be like this and maybe I’ll change my mind, but I’ve been hearing all my life that I’m always thinking about something, „you’re always thinking too much, don’t think“ etc. – I don’t know, I don’t really understand those instructions… I don’t know what I should do other than think! But maybe it will mean that I just need things to make sense, a deeper sense – ideally a very deep sense, hence my disdain for organized sports, for example. And when things don’t have meaning, I just can’t quite bring myself to do it. And it also occurred to me that maybe that’s what it is, because things don’t make sense sometimes…if I overdo it, maybe nothing makes sense and what you have left are nice moments, so it makes sense to spend time on nice moments. But then I’m worried that I’m not being hedonistic or selfish again, but that’s probably the remnants of my inner programs. It’s just about the nice moments and nothing else makes sense – if anything, I’m more of an epicurean than a stoic. And you can make a nice moment out of anything, or find what’s nice there. And maybe, because I have a problem with the definition of happiness, maybe that’s it – maybe I call happiness a nice moment… just having joy, a joyful life, yes – that fits me inside, it suits me…