Placebos, superstitions, amulets or does it help or not?!

I dare to say that the attentive reader already guesses 🙂 I am fully convinced, well (not only) I call it that I „know“ that everything that works or doesn’t work is decided by feelings, I surprised you, didn’t I? 😀 😀 I know, the statement that „everything“ is decided by feelings seems a bit exaggerated. Like I’ve heard you before = it’s like whether my car starts is decided by feelings, right? That’s bullshit! I guess it is, it’s probably stupid, but on the other hand – did you know that there is something called „general syndrome“? Maybe you’ve experienced it too, and maybe even several times = something was working great at work and then the boss came and it „broke“ or the other way around something couldn’t be fixed, and then suddenly the boss appeared at the door and „it was on“ 🙂 Speaking of computers, I have personally experienced many times that something broke and when the repairman arrived everything worked as if nothing had happened… and I’d rather not talk about the car = I once stood for an hour in a wreck that wouldn’t start… when the mechanic arrived, he turned the key – and? Yep…
So, if I feel with my whole being, i.e. I know and don’t have to think about it (just like I know if I am a boy or a girl 😀 etc.), that maybe homeopathics work, then they simply work and in my eyes it is indifferent if it is a placebo effect or not. Besides, it is the placebo, i.e. briefly and inaccurately said „sugar cube masquerading as medicine“, which has results in a high percentage of tested people as the real medicine, which is in my eyes one of the biggest „proofs“ of the truth of my theses. Do you agree?
Can I also explain or at least answer the questions how it is possible that homeopathics work for dogs – do they understand it, do they know that they have „berries“ in their food? No, they probably don’t, but who else knows, sees and believes it? Yes, that’s right – their owners 😉 How simple, right? And so it is with curses, black magic or, on the contrary, healers, shamans, etc. Or also amulets and maybe those rituals of athletes before a match, performance, competition – do you understand why they work and especially WHAT WORKS? Well…a bit of a downside to all of these is that they give us the illusion of control and our attention and responsibility is directed outside of us, but otherwise I think the answer is already clear = it depends on the depth of the „embedded“ emotions. In short = what you believe is what happens to you 😉 But beware! What you REALLY believe, what you 100% know inside – not what you tell yourself or what you only pretend to others (and maybe sometimes even yourself)!
And again, one such very painful or whatever you want to call it application of my conclusions. For the question logically arises (and perhaps directly in your mind) = what about children with cancer etc.? Could they have already grown such blocks to develop such a terrible disease? You know, I don’t want to get into health issues here at all. In fact, what is going on in our country (well…more accurately, in the media) at the time of writing this book, I would call without exaggeration a straightforward „witch hunt“. Many people who claim to heal others by some alternative method are often shamed and pilloried. I don’t want to defend quacks, but on the other hand I refuse to play the role of a judge of quackery. Likewise, anyone who helps another in any way, or has another help them because they believe in them, deserves respect and reverence. Maybe he is a „charlatan“, but his „theatrics“ have just impressed someone so that he (as a placebo) gets better… In my eyes, this „nagging“ only leads to the fact that we take away the last drop of hope from many… and cynically speaking = each of us will die one day, so in a way every doctor is actually a bit of a charlatan… And believe me, if I took a hidden camera and filmed my regular check-up with my district doctor (who is of course great and nothing against her – just as an example) and then edited it nicely = I would make her look like a medieval caliber fraud like nothing… So back to the question – there is an answer to that too with my optics, but maybe you don’t want to hear it = it’s the parents‘ agendas that cause it. I heard an even almost nasty line the other day that I don’t quite agree with, yet it fits here now and only documents that I am not alone in thinking along these lines. The sentence is = all illnesses of children under the age of six are the mother’s fault; then the school, or rather the teacher, adds co-responsibility. Very harsh, isn’t it? But please think again about the idea above = master-dog-homeopath. And for completeness – I don’t fully agree with that sentence because there are missing things like fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, teachers, etc.
And perhaps rather as an afterthought, which I consider important = I certainly don’t want to cause anyone any fear, concern or (God forbid) guilt! I really don’t want to play the blame game – I already described that a bit above. My point is, firstly, to answer any questions (which, by the way, I have actually received during the trainings) and then also to emphasize that by working on myself I am helping my surroundings more than it would seem and the reverse is also true, that if I have any fear of the „curse“, I can turn it off/cancel it and it will stop affecting me (I will stop playing the game with the other person)! But if you want to think even more about yourself, how about leaving out the sentences that sound almost like a curse or a spell = if you don’t dress, you catch a cold! Don’t fall in! Don’t even think about that! Try, if you will, to explore your emotions with these sentences = how does it make you feel? 😉
And to lighten things up a bit and still sort of set a mirror to what we say to others (in this case, even children) = let’s please try it out right now, shall we? Okay – so I ask you now not to imagine a refrigerator in your mind in any way, okay? Don’t even think of that white, faintly whirring fridge full of goodies and treats!!! Does that work for you? Well, that’s exactly what we do to others!
And again, a postscript to the second edition. Personally, I call it a bit hyperbolically „applied quantum“ = where I focus my attention or what I focus my attention on I create, build, modify…so I need to (perhaps “ RUŠ“) discover and turn off that original decision for some bullshit I’m living right now. In short, I either push the feeling away or I don’t attract it…
Expectation means relying on something outside of me, much better to create it myself!