The Observer or what makes me feel good

Again – if you’ve read this far, it’s probably pointless to elaborate any further, right? I just like to observe, look and think 🙂 But maybe it has its own specifics, because I have noticed that there are people who, like me, are just looking, but in fact they are actually „looking from the inside“, i.e., excuse me for the popular and often used expression, „looking into the stupid“ (suddenly it has a different meaning, doesn’t it?) So they focus their attention elsewhere, often inward, on their thoughts… so they are dealing with the so-called „immortality of the croust“ or maybe the next episode of The Rose Garden… My observation is a little different. It’s a conscious activity where I’m also observing my experience – my empathy, my compassion, my reaction. I think about what I’m observing. I originally called it an „artistic“ view of the world, or also a „Hrabal“ view. Yes, I also have a tendency that I like to read, and when I am really interested in an author, I often read his whole work – and this happened to me, maybe for the first time, with Mr. Hrabal, so that’s why…but it doesn’t belong here now…
I would like to emphasize that conscious activity – this is another of my observations that I wanted to immortalize here in letters. That is, activity with full attention done in the present = I see this as the key to correcting many of today’s vices…like the key to contentment, against procrastination, etc.
At other times and places it is also called „flow“ i.e. flowing, streaming, surfing a wave etc. as in just the surfer analogy = he can paddle like mad with his hands, but that’s probably not the right experience – better to wait for the right wave and surf it and enjoy the movement which is like itself, seemingly without much effort. Because then a thousand new possibilities open up in the real world. One is with cosmic energy – there is probably no point in writing more, because personal experience is, as we know, incommunicable…the only thing left for you is to believe me or to drop it as stupid = it’s still up to you 😉
And again those questions like – what should I do then, right? 😉 So how about this = ask yourself what you want? What do you want? What do you really enjoy, what fulfills you? What makes you happy? What makes you feel pleasure or satisfaction? Well then, make yourself happy too! 😉 Because with this joy you will attract other things, people, situations that will make you more happy and then it is actually a way of joy 🙂 And if I can tell you a little bit more, I recommend gratitude – appreciate the nice things and learn to fully enjoy them. How? So one more reading recommendation = Rhonda Byrne, Magic. There you’ll find an exercise in gratitude for every day, and there are so many that it will even last you a whole month! 😉
Try asking yourself = why am I doing this? What’s the point? The only functional answer is – for myself, because I want to, I enjoy it, I desire it. Otherwise, everything else is meaningless…maybe you can think of something along the lines of – I do it for the other person, to make her happy, etc. But the question is whether she will have that pleasure at all – even that is questionable…
Anyway, the question might be – do they even want me to do it, or is it only me who thinks they want me to do it? And if they want it from me and I don’t want it, where do they get the right to want it from me? Isn’t it possible that in a way I am actually pandering to others and that’s why it doesn’t work?!?
Well, yes, but then the programs in our skull will jump in, or rather echo, won’t they? It’s selfish to think only of ourselves! And who says you have to think only of yourself? 😉 When I am happy, I want and have the power to make others happy. And vice versa = do you know anyone for whom these programs work and he is happy? I mean, when he only cares about others, neglects himself, shares everything, etc.? You know, wealth is not increased by sharing… It just doesn’t lead to happiness, it just doesn’t work, well…sorry… If I take care of myself, others won’t have to take care of me. A state that supports the poor will impoverish itself. A state that supports the rich, gets richer because the rich create good paying jobs for the poor and motivate them to act and gain wealth…but I agree, this is not an economics textbook and besides, these admittedly valid postulates are not exactly modern these days, are they? 😉
And more on selfishness = is taking care of myself first and foremost really selfish? I don’t know, well…in my eyes, selfishness is when I would behave AT THE EXPENSE of others, then yes – but that wasn’t mentioned here… Maybe it’s very simple again – it’s just a nurtured program = have you also experienced a situation when you had a bag of candy or a pack of gum and you HAD to share with others as a child? And how did it feel at the time? „I don’t have enough myself“? 😉 Get it?
Or one more point of view, now exactly in the spirit of this book, i.e. energetically – magnetically 🙂 = when I take care of myself, I attract others and the energy multiplies, when I take care (in the sense of focusing energy) of others = my energy decreases and I push others away with my unsolicited help. You may not agree, but at least think about it, I beg you 😉
It would be great to include a few pearls from the life of the indigenous Indians here, but that would really be basically ripping off Mr. Dusek or Zeleny etc. – but you can find them, because there are countless videos on YouTube on this topic. So maybe just in slogans (I can hint perhaps :D) = Indians don’t expect and often refuse help – it takes their energy; they treat the sick as if they were healthy; they don’t force anyone to work together, even to attack a neighboring tribe, etc.; they don’t know personal property…well…I’ve probably provoked enough, haven’t I? 😉
And again, a few expanding and repeating observations in closing:
You know that childish „When are we going to be there?“ – that’s exactly the end of the road fixation. It’s better to really enjoy the journey to the destination itself…who knows what that destination will look like in the end 😉 .
Think about it and observe what you’re doing + think about why you’re doing it and if you even want to do it. And ideally how it makes you feel and then decide for yourself…
Keep yourself first! That doesn’t mean there aren’t other places. Making yourself happy is happiness to me. It’s not selfish = pleasure, joy, etc. can also come from caring for others, etc. Does it make you happy? Doesn’t it? Then don’t do it!
I’ve come to realize that a lot of problems stem from doing what we don’t feel like doing. We force ourselves to do it, we overwhelm ourselves and that’s why we get so tired and burnt out.