When will it happen? Or will it ever come true?

Now, just a few more of these barking 🙂 If this is the question you are asking, if you are waiting for your wish to come true, then know that it probably won’t come true at all. Why, you ask? Well because this is exactly the clinging I wrote about earlier. I know, it takes some thinking so I’ll give you time to do that 😉 but the point is = decide what I want and work on it in peace. Accepting that it may not even happen and you still don’t care, you are on top of things = then only the unexpected actually comes 😉 And a short reminder for this area too – it’s not about the specific words you say in your mind or even out loud, it’s about the feelings you have about it. A concrete example „already to make it!“ – it can include eagerness, burning desire or even sadness that it is not here yet… or joy at the fact that you already have it and it will be really great when it manifests itself on a physical level.
I’ll add one of „my“ analogies = it’s like writing to the Jesus or telling your parents what you want. You know they’ve already bought it for you, but you won’t get it until Christmas Eve – so it’s already yours, you already have it actually, but you’re waiting to get it physically, you know? 😉
And if I develop that idea a little bit and shift it, then I can have anything now – the question is how it will be next time. Example = „I think“ I have a cottage in Bechyně, but I’m not there now, so I don’t know, and when I’m there I’ll think I have a house in Cologne again – you see?
I figured it was a mistake to be like „the more specific the wish…“ because simply if I wish for $20,457.20 on February 16 at 3:55pm, then I’ll probably be disappointed, right? Because the universe responds to feelings! I mean a „I’m ideally rich“ type feeling (as long as I stick to the money analogy, but I can wish for anything, of course – ideally something mental, but that’s up to you – I don’t want to suggest anything). Well, the word „ideal“, at least for me, means that I give the Universe room to be so rich that I can afford everything I need (or want). But somehow that specific amount, time, method of delivery, and I don’t know what else specific can be thought of, is actually me getting in the Universe’s way. I don’t trust, I don’t understand how reality/the Universe really works so I have to be in control, etc. Not to mention that we are also often masters at „procrastinating by thinking“ – I mean that sort of thing = how am I going to get the money, where is it going to come from, how much is it likely to be, etc.
In short, I am the master of my universe, I have decided this is what I want and I rejoice in having this, but how much it will be, when it will come, how it will come, etc. is not the real content of my desire. Same with work = „I have the ideal job/mission“, but maybe it means that the conditions in the job I’m doing now will improve or I’ll attract another one or I’ll inherit billions from my aunt in Argentina, what do I know! 😀 I’m just determined – I have the „ideal“ and I’m happy about it, but otherwise it’s actually pressure on the outside world – I’m focusing on my own feelings. Or like a mountaineer = he has a goal about Mount Everest „I am there“ – he doesn’t worry about what sleeping bag to take, how many crampons, etc. = it’s all dealt with in the process, but the goal is clear = that’s where his energy and imagination flows = and because it’s a goal, he says and imagines it in the present – that’s why I AM there (as in up there, on the peak) – not I WILL be there, because that would still be in the future and he would never achieve it! With this one, I had a bit of a problem if I was kidding myself = after all, I’m not there, but it’s not about figuring out where I really am, it’s about articulating exactly my goal that I’m working towards! 😀
Rely on the real certainties-processes = love, attraction and not on winning the Euro-jackpot…but if you want to, you bet = just like the joke where Kohn prays to God to win the lottery and from heaven he says: „Well yeah, Kohn, but they have to bet on that too, they know!“ 😀
But you don’t wait to see when it will come true and if at all = it’s just one of the possibilities, you keep working and use all the possibilities to fulfill your dream = you will see for yourself which way the path leads…The fact that I am free from everything, that I don’t cling to anything, doesn’t mean that I won’t attract by feelings! Clinging only makes me delay it, pull it away, not attract it and therefore not get it! After all, it is enough that I like it and thus attract it! Saying what I want is very important, but not clinging to it, you can tell by the feeling – if I am afraid of messing up and it not working out etc. that is wrong, but saying what I want and letting it go is the functional way! There’s a difference between knowing what I want, having a goal and putting conditions against it!
It’s actually such a fear, like the universe will mess it up without my supervision/control. I need to realize and remind myself that there is no bearded grandpa on a cloud = I attract it exactly according to my feelings, so if I have stupid feelings or half-assed feelings, I’ll half-ass it, but when I’m cleared unblocked, it will be „ideal“, that is, exactly how I need it to be ideally, actually perfectly, happy!
And to end this extended chapter, one more thought I heard somewhere recently = if all the money was distributed to everyone so that everyone had the same, within a surprisingly short time it would be the same again! The originally rich would get richer and the originally poor would get poorer again over time = wealth is not in the money but in the head!