The Universe is an autist!

At least in this book, you’ve heard many times that the essence of our existence – what life is really about and also that the only thing that is „here and now“ and what connects us to reality is EMOTION. And the universe (or whatever you freely call it) responds exactly to feelings and their true meaning! Well, the „problem“ can arise when we realize that many of us are (and often are) deluding ourselves. We are then surprised that something different is happening to us than we say or think! Again, repetition = it really doesn’t matter what we think or how we feel about anything – because everything can be talked around…but not the feeling. Only in the sense of the +/- sign or truly (not pretended) experienced neutral, i.e. zero. Otherwise we can even argue about the definition of individual feelings, but that’s just intellect playing judge of feelings…
Well, that’s why the slightly provocative statement in the introduction = you must know from your surroundings or at least from stories either people with Asperger’s syndrome (the extremely gifted ones, who, strangely enough, we also consider „disabled“ 😀 more precisely „people with disabilities“) or maybe the „IT crowd“ – in short, that type of people, who will do exactly literally what they are told – even if the actual meaning was a bit obscured and had to be sort of telepathically deduced or inferred 🙂 And that is exactly how the Universe reacts. No matter what words I use about it, what I think, what I assume, what I expect…in a way it responds to our feelings as they are with cruel and ruthless accuracy!
I consider this chapter already intended for the moderately advanced, so I will try to put everything in a much more realistic example, rather than just throwing everything down slightly with a witty simile… It may seem a bit surprising at first, but I will use the search for, or to be more precise, the attraction of an ideal partner.
When you ask an autistic person what his dream partner should have, he answers exactly in the spirit of the question – something along the lines of = two arms, two legs, one head, one vagina, etc. Likewise, when you set the goal/intention/wish „I am (better phrasing than „have“) with my ideal partner“, the Universe is surprisingly quick to put a person in your path. Of course, beware! He or she will exactly match the „text of your wish“, or the emotion you go into it with!
Ideal means exactly matching your person, adequate, compatible, etc. But if you are not „cleansed/unblocked/without negations/programs“, in short, if you have not resolved traumas within yourself, then you will attract a partner ideally exactly according to your setting! That is to say, specifically – what was upsetting you with the previous partner, if you haven’t resolved it, then the new partner will have it too and maybe even more so – the way the negation is intensifying and therefore multiplying…get it?
So ideal doesn’t mean it won’t upset you! And one more reminder = the Universe responds to feelings, but we give them the +/- signs! The Universe is autistic, it is in fact that „law of love“, there is no bearded grandfather on a cloud trying to understand how you really meant it – i.e. how you feel, so you live!
Let us finally allow ourselves (at least in private) our emotions! Let’s honestly admit how we really feel! Because then we can only work with it and therefore process/resolve it. Because as we are used to wearing pink glasses under hypnosis, rubbing rust, fooling ourselves all the time, it doesn’t even occur to us anymore that we are actually lying to ourselves, living in self-deception!
Let me give you a slightly sharper example = what do you think of your boss at work? Maybe something like, he/she is a bit harder to get along with, a bit more emotional… demanding and blablabla = STOP, how do you really feel? He’s an asshole, a jerk, right? He’s sat on you and he’s giving you a hard time, isn’t he! And that’s the thing, if you admit it, you’ll suddenly realize that it’s not his problem, it’s yours and maybe even at that point it will be clear to you what to do about it, because last repetition for now = what bothers you is your problem; what bothers the other is their problem 😉