Life is kind of a weird multiplayer

Now I have to apologize twice. To those who play computer games for a rather boring introduction about things they know so intimately… and to those who don’t play computer games for the fact that I have to explain such a fundamental comparison to them first, to make it clear what I’m talking about. 😉
You know, it’s not just that I think of it that way – I’m even fiercely convinced that our lives are, in a way, a „computer“ game being played in virtual reality. In one shared environment with almost unlimited movement and even relatively few general rules for control, operation and creation. As if on a shared monitor or connected to one artificial world with virtual reality goggles on…
I imagine it’s quite similar to, say, the popular SIMs (a game that simulates family life, making friends, raising children, etc. ) or the latest GTA (a game based on a similar principle, but more for „little boys“, i.e. a free world + fulfilling certain tasks, quests, optional missions) and especially like the most famous sandbox Minecraft = a world made of some kind of bricks, where everything is up to your imagination, only the most basic rules apply, such as the laws of physics, the variety of possible environments (biomes) – translated into reality, i.e. a city/village/forest/sea, etc., a limited type (not quantity) of bricks and set rules of what can be combined with what and what will be the so-called „crafting“ – I mean such that you make a shovel out of wood and iron, etc. The rest is up to your imagination.
The only problem is that this game is played by a huge number of people at the same time, so called multiplayer. Instead of enjoying the game and having fun playing it with others, they feel that they are somehow superior, that they know much more than others, that they are simply better than others, and they create a sphere of pseudo-influence in their local biomes (areas), often tyrannizing others and dictatorially trying to convince others of their Pharisaical rules, where they are „more Pope-like than the Pope himself“! Yet often you only have to observe them playing the game and it will be obvious even to you that they are just stunted wretches who are extinguishing their own mindblindnesses! 😉
On the other hand, it must be admitted that it also logically follows that some people are just so-called NPCs or bots, i.e. artificially generated characters whose task is to move aimlessly around the map, preferably bumping into everything senselessly, and if you have already interacted with them, they only respond with learned text over and over again. I’d rather leave the specific application of this thesis to you 😀 .
The lesson? Application? Consider life as a computer game. Observe how your teammates play it and how it is as if you are programmed what happens and how it happens. You know very well that you can react – you can just be calm, observe it and react naturally…i.e. not worrying about what will happen, but enjoying how the game will continue… Oh, and by the way, it’s not a big deal if someone successfully finishes the game – I see it as a reason to be happy – and maybe they decide to piss off, I’m not playing this crap anymore…or they respawn (reappear, recreate) some other time, somewhere else, somehow different – who knows 😉