The cure for depression

I know, the title’s a bit provocative, isn’t it? You know that mainstream education is fighting in me too, and I would like to dedicate the introductory part to the exact definition of depression, or the difference from what is lazily called „bad mood“… I mean, something like that depression is a mental disorder that manifests itself in low mood, loss of interest, fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, guilt or inferiority. Depression is treated with antidepressants, psychotherapy or other methods and is the most common mental disorder and can affect anyone at any age etc.
Equally, I would like to explain, for example, the concept of endogenous depression, which is caused by internal factors such as genetics or changes in brain chemistry. This form of depression occurs without the obvious presence of a stressful or traumatic event. Endogenous depression can be difficult to treat and often requires a combination of medication and therapy. It belongs to clinical depression, which is long-term and severe depression that reduces a person’s quality of life and health, etc. etc. – BUT = this is not the purpose of this chapter!
You know, I mean it more like this, and I apologize in advance that this section will (have to) include (unusually in this book) a bit of vulgarity, because the key is to call things by their real name, but it is really necessary (at least to oneself) to stop lying to oneself, playing at something, – so at least be honest with oneself and admit what and how I feel… I mean, I think that a lot of things in life piss us off, and if it’s too much or too intense, we fall into a state of deep sadness, pissed off, hopelessness and a feeling of futility – just that everything sucks… well, that’s exactly what I want to address and I’m absolutely convinced that I’ve found the cure for that! And for the nitpickers – not invented = the most accurate term is probably collected 😉
The first step is to do exactly what I described above = you don’t have to tell someone right away, but at least be honest with yourself, stop playing those „I already think“ games, stop speculating whether you’re brooding or thoughtful and let’s get straight to the point! Now, at this moment, there are a lot of things that can make you happy, a lot of other things you don’t give a shit about (so called) and maybe a lot of things that piss you off = let’s name them, shall we?
It can already have a beneficial effect on our psyche = it’s kind of a trick when a small child is afraid of an irrational boogeyman under the bed… The ideal solution is to sit down with him and draw the boogeyman – so we know who we are dealing with. Well, when you paint him, you will find out, for example, that he will probably have a hard time brushing his teeth, so they will be yellow and wobbly, and now and then he will miss a tooth, etc. And in time the child will understand that he is much more of a ridiculous clown and that it is useless to be afraid of him 😉
Well, that’s exactly how you named your blocks/negations/programs and you don’t have to deal with how you feel at all or somehow scale from -10, to zero, to +10! 😉 And it is exactly these „bubbles“ that I focus on in therapy sessions and successfully guide others to „unblock/disable/dissolve/process/clean“ them – and yes, the whole magic is that it stops pissing you off/annoying/destroying/ depressing you and ideally you at least „don’t give a shit“ and often clients find it funny/funny/trivial afterwards…
Allow yourself to have emotions, allow yourself to get pissed off! Don’t sugarcoat it, stop pushing yourself into something. Absolutely honestly-openly just describe what pisses you off. It’s the acknowledgement of reality that guides you – it’s not everything that’s pissing you off, just something – what is it? And when you get to the heart of the matter, accept it (I prefer to explain it in person – that’s the essence of therapy and the whole „magic“). Don’t push yourself into the positive, because if you talk only positive all day, you’ll find out he was worth the same shit as the one before! 😀 The „pissed off“ thing is to embrace your divinity = I decide it, I make it, I create it…and therefore it is also me (and only me) who can change it – I have full authority to do so!
But it has another magic inherent in it = as I tried to explain to you in this book, emotions create our reality – how you feel is how you live…you attract similar things/people/experiences/situations into your life. Well, when we turn those emotions (i.e. the negative ones) off, we stop creating/attracting – simple, right? 😉
When I realized this, it was such a huge relief! I tried to write it down right away so I wouldn’t eventually forget and also so I could share it with those who might want to listen or read it… These are just glosses or observations, but this is what an authentic recording looks like, quote:
I’m always doing something for others and then I’m surprised and disappointed that they don’t want it or at least don’t appreciate it. I have to do things for myself, then it only makes sense!
I forget to make myself happy! It’s like I’m always waiting for someone to make me happy, but that’s bullshit, it just doesn’t work that way! I keep expecting love, I keep expecting others to love me. Why should they do that?! It’s basically the mindset of a sociopath = some entitlement, right, I want it! I keep expecting, wanting and waiting for others to be interested in me. They are interested in themselves! Why should they be interested in me?!
That’s the essence of success for the successful = they don’t wait for others to love them, for others to be interested in them. They love themselves, they do what they enjoy, they go after their goals and don’t give a shit about others. They join in or they don’t. They don’t care, they enjoy it!
They all piss me off – well, because they don’t behave the way I want them to behave, the way I would like them to behave. And why should they do that?! Do I want to behave like other people?!
Fame admiration and also actually success is a by-product, a logical consequence, but it must not be the goal!
If you love yourself deeply, you will draw others into that love! If you wait for love from others, you will never get it!
Enjoy life and focus on the positive things – on what makes you happy, on what you enjoy, on the glass half full. Just, if you can’t, brush off the negatives. It’s about not being focused on finding negations/blocks/programs all the time, because then you’re focused on the negative stuff and the half empty glass!
I respect others to do it their way and I will do it my way again! And let everyone else do what they want and me too!
I accept that it’s different, and how is it really?! Curiosity.
Burnout, mid-life crisis, it’s all from not doing the things we enjoy and it’s completely draining, deadening. Why do we do it? Why do we let it happen? Why don’t we do what we enjoy?! We Czechs are the world champions of trying to piss something away. But it just doesn’t work that way! When I do something just for the sake of it, for the sake of something else, the law of attraction pulls it away. Example of losing weight = I bite myself for a while, I deny it – I lose weight, but it’s not me, it’s not real – just a mess! And the result? As soon as I stop, I gain even more!!! And when life is about emotions, what do you want to piss? If you don’t enjoy it, it just doesn’t work!
We are focused on the result – being a famous singer, but not on the activity, the doing, the effort, the work, the toil. If I enjoy rehearsing, practicing, performing, then it will come, if I’m only focused on the result, then it won’t come. Because it contains expectations – from the word expect!!! – and it almost never comes true! If I do what I really enjoy, I have a goal – but I don’t focus on it, I enjoy the activity even if the result doesn’t come, because I don’t do it only for the sake of the goal and the appearance etc., then the result comes and I am basically surprised. If I keep waiting, looking for it, I am just bored and so it never comes true!