My First Tramp

My First Tramp is Ondrej Vejsada’s first novel in the sense of a comprehensive book format. It expands on the successful short story „The First Real Tramp“, published earlier on the Internet. It is about a group of enthusiasts who went on a tramp to the Bohemian Forest. On the way they experience various adventures and complications, especially with the weather. There is also a slightly erotic plot, when they meet local girls. Everything is presented in a very readable and humorous way, where the reader is drawn into the plot from the very first words. The book could also be described as a fictional ironic-satirical travelogue. However, it is much more of a humorous novella. Everything is introduced by a quotation from a favourite film: „We all have a lot of sadness, but we have damn little fun!“ (Ecce Homo Homolka), which exactly captures the spirit of this book. This is a relaxing read for a wide range of adult readers. Ideal as a gift for pleasure and amusement at the same time. As Michal Viewegh also commented after reading the manuscript, „I think it is a very nice story…“