Ondrej Vejsada, Ph.D.


Frankly, I’m tired of the nonsensical terms of all these „socialist“ networks and their censorship interference! That’s why I’ve decided to go back to oldschool and create my own site – my own space with my own terms and conditions and most importantly total and absolute freespeech! I’m convinced that my work doesn’t break any laws – it just breaks down clichés and taboos… I’ll never be and actually don’t want to be „mainstream“…
And I’d rather say once again and unequivocally = IT IS ONLY LITERATURE, so-called fiction! 😉


Most commented and most recommended
Most viral and yet forbidden
Životní starožitnosti
(Hopefully not only) for my own pleasure
The publisher's bestseller for two years


And what about some kind of payment, or what am I really after? 🙂
Well…first of all I needed to clear my mind. I mean, my initial motivation is actually pathetically selfish, I just don’t need you to do it anyway 😉 But on the other hand, I thought that maybe there might be an undefined group of people who might also be interested in my insights – well, how to get my thoughts to them in the best and fastest way, other than as a present? Yes, that’s why you can donate too = I have no set amount. I leave the value of my work for you to judge. Someone will appreciate it on the delete button 🙂 someone may want to send a donation to my account to show support for my work = CZ16 6210 6701 0022 0981 9884 (IBAN), BREXCZPPXXX (BIC)